EL. COM Its Time only for SUNSHINE & RAINS without any Pains. SEMINAR REPORT ON FUEL ENERGIZER Index. S. No.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. A Seminar Report On FUEL ENERGIZER SUBMITTED BY: RISHI SHAHI YEAR: 3RD SEC: B ROLL NO.: TO: Mr. SANDEEP CHHABRA. Explore Fuel Energizer with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper on.

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Thus, the spin orientation has a pronounced effect on physical properties specific heat, vapor pressure as well as behavior of the gas molecule.

Types of fuel energizer- i Magnetizer fuel energizer ii Nano fuel energizer. Such exhaust is less toxic, but the energy from such an after-burning process is not utilized.

Presentation Description No description available. Download your Full Reports for Fuel Energizer.

Thus, the spin orientation has a pronounced effect xeminar physical properties specific heat, vapor pressure as well as behavior of the gas molecule. Combustion engineering teaches that additional oxygenation increases combustion efficiency; therefore, by altering the spin properties of the H2 molecule, we can give rise to its magnetic moment and enhance the reactivity of the hydrocarbon fuel and ameliorate the related combustion process.

Unburned hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen react in the atmosphere and create smog. It is a fully permanent device. Download your Full Reports for Fuel Energizer In this era of increasing fuel prices, here a device called?

When combusted, the carbon portion of the molecule will generate 12, BTU per pound eenrgizer carbon. Catalytic converters with air pumps reduce gas mileage – the Magnetizer increases gas mileage and performance. This has the effect of ensuring that fuel actively interlocks with oxygen producing a more complete burn in the combustion chamber.

The Magnetizer is instantaneous. Use of the unleaded gas does eliminate the problem of the most toxic lead compounds, but there is an increase in the air of other carcinogenic substances; the exhaust problem comes around.


The same is true of home heating units where improper combustion wasted fuel gas and repodt, money in poor efficiency and repairs due to build-up.

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While older engines may have produced relatively large quantities of unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, they produced low quantities of oxides of nitrogen. Fuel mainly consists of hydrocarbons and when fuel flows through a magnetic field, such as the one created by the Fuel Energizer, the hydrocarbons change their orientation and molecules of hydrocarbon change fhel configuration.

Unburned hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen react in the atmosphere and create smog. On home cooking gas system it is installed just before burner.

Seeminar can be used as pool and span conditioner.

As explicitly stated in our instructions, upon the Magnetizer installation minutes thereafter engine will undergo the so-called ” Stabilization Period”, i.

The application of a proper magnetic field enforces beneficial changes in fuel structure ufel enhances its general reactivity in the combustion process.

Fuel Energizer | RISHI SHAHI –

For many years, designers of the internal combustion engines have had one goal: The higher energized spin state of hydrogen molecule clearly shows a high electrical potential reactivitywhich attracts additional oxygen. Fuel energizer consist of hydrocarbon and when fuel flow through a magnetic field. At the same time inter molecular force is considerably reduced or depressed. Hydrogen, the lightest and most basic element known to man, is the major constituent of hydrocarbon fuels besides Carbon and smaller amount of Sulphur and inert gases.

Most emission motor vehicle consists of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen. As a result, the amount of toxic substances released to the atmosphere repot subsequently increase.

Catalytic converters require a light-off temperature to be attained before they operative between 3 to 5 miles.

If a hydrocarbon molecule could better bind with oxygen Molecules be more completely oxidizedthen the toxicity of fumes would be considerably limited and in principle, one could dispense with catalytic converters. By establishing the correct fuel burning parameters through proper magnetic means, we can be assured that an internal combustion engine is getting the maximum energy per gallon of fuel, as well as providing the environment with the lowest possible level of toxic emissions.

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Cold converter does not work, so the exhaust fumes right after start-up are equally toxic as without it. Introduction to Fuel Energizers. Welcomes you The seminar report on Fuel Energizer: On passenger cars this means about miles km driven depending on vehicle class, age, internal cleanliness of its engine, driving habits, etc.

Fuel Energizer | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for Mechanical

Most catalytic converters require air pumps to initiate catalysis. Also it works on any vehicle or device cooking gas stove using liquid or gas fuel. Carbon monoxide and oxide of nitrogen that are emitted through exhaust. The peculiar problem in designing engines for air pollution is that in order to fully burn all the hydrocarbons in the combustion chamber, operating temperatures of the cylinders have had to be increased.

Log In Sign Up. Most fuels for internal combustion engine are liquid, fuels do not combust until they are vaporized and mixed with air. It is important to note that although it takes a bit of time for the Magnetizer fuel system to stabilize, one finds the “Magnetizer Energizer Systems” constantly work better and better as time goes on see the comment on the “Stabilization Period” below.

It can be used in chemical industry. This has the effect of ensuring that the fuel actively interlocks with the oxygen, producing a more complete burn in the combustion chamber.