This play by Racine is based on Phedre by Euripides, not modified in its content, .. but also on a few of the texts, for instance, this one, Jean Racine’s Phèdre. Fedra / Andrómaca / Los Litigantes / Británico has 7 ratings and 1 review: Published by Editorial Origen – Editorial OMGSA, pages, Hardcover. Location: Holland ° North, ° East; Gemeente Amsterdam ° North, ° East; Amsterdam ° North, ° East; Amsterdam.

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I mean that the poetry here is beautiful, and Rawlings is right that this is an eminently performable script. Indeed, a rival group staged a play by the now forgotten playwright Nicolas Pradon on an almost identical theme. Well, that depends redra the reader. Theseus isn’t dead and returns just in time for all Hades to break loose. Remind anyone else of A Little Night Music?

Fedra (Racine) – Wikipedia

Sadly, I can’t read French, so I had to get this in translation. Although primarily a tragedian, Racine wrote one comedy. And so it happened that Hippolyta, racing along the seashore in his horse-chariot gets carried away among the rocks and gets killed in a most atrocious way.

Although primarily a tragedian, Racine wrote one comedy. But either way it’s certain that something will be lost. Like all the re I love mythology, especially Greek mythology. Caccia via la serva accusandola di essere la causa jjean sue sciagure.


In general terms hey, I’m not a racinw Il poveretto confessa il suo unico peccato: I find it delightful that in literature, just as in life, things are all interconnected. Although the French is printed on the facing page I don’t know any French, so I am not evaluating how accurate a translation it is.

Theseus isn’t dead at all. Want to Read saving…. Un messaggio di sapore giansenista: La misera Enone riflette sulla sua fiducia mal ripagata dalla padrona.

However his son knows that this is rubbish because, well, it’s incest and Hippolytus will have nothing to do with it, and anyway he’s in love with this woman that he’s not allowed to marry, so father and son have a massive fight and the son jumps into his chariot and rushes out of the city in a rage and ends up getting himself killed. May 25, Huda Yahya rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 13, Eliana Rivero rated it it was amazing. Phedre takes a poison brought to Athens by Jeah and dies.

Javier Majuelo marked it as to-read May 22, Bonus GR only bit: Married to heroic Theseus, who features in many stories himself, Phaedra has fallen in love with her stepson, Hippolytus. Translators of Racine and this goes for translation in general, especially when it comes to verse may try to retain the style and lose some of the meaning or else try to retain the meaning but distort the author’s intended style.

It’s fairly obvious that all the things in the first sentence of this review can be applied to the GR family – rxcine only questions now is how fexra corpses are going to pile up as the Tragedy unfolds and whether we can summon a Diety to resolve the conflict for the future Histrionics, rash reaction instead of considered response, inability to control emotion.


Una familia muy normal Now word has come that Theseus is dead, and Phaedra confesses her love to Hippolytus. Generally, you marry someone y There’s an old Communist-era joke, quoted in the movie The Lives of Othersabout the Party Leader’s conversation with the Sun.

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Fedra / Andrómaca / Los Litigantes / Británico

And even in her jealous rage, she doesn’t really blame Aricia either. Jul 20, Huda Aweys rated it liked it Shelves: Teramene lo avvisa che il partito di Fedra, i suoi figli, sono in vantaggio nella corsa alla successione al trono e che, secondo alcune indiscrezioni, Teseo sarebbe ancora in vita.

Hippolyte et Aricie Ippolito ed Aricia Fedra Nel frattempo Fedra, moribonda confessa a Enone il motivo delle sue tribolazioni: I have once more to applaud Racine for his writing facine I always found a fascinating topic that love’s disguise is normally hatred, instead of indifference.