Jun 10, Review of ‘Far From the Madding Gerund’, by Mark Liberman and Geoffrey K Pullum. Mark Liberman and Geoffrey Pullum, Far from the Madding Gerund and Other Dispatches from Language Log (Wilsonville, Oregon: William, James & Co., ). Dec 5, Far from the madding gerund. Edward Skidelsky’s review of George Steiner’s Lessons of the Masters contains this sentence: Unfortunately.

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The first one never ended! Jun 04, Kate rated it liked it Shelves: James Fysk rated it it was amazing May 19, The theme of the site is grammar and correctness in English. And include full posts in the RSS feed. What is the meaning of “pluralism” and “Yankeehood”?

I have distinct memories of how certain books smelled; even cookbooks smell to me like cookbooks. Down with Strunk and White!

Far From the Madding Gerund

Hell yes you get more out of reading a book than you do squint-reading off a god-damn eye-ruining computer screen. Thanks, Jonathan, that makes sense in a bureaucratic way, not in the normal way that things make sense, since the.

New words appear; old ones fall out of use or alter their meanings. May 5, by languagehat 22 Comments. In a spirit of full disclosure, I will point out that Languagehat gets five mentions in the book yes, of course the first thing I did was look myself up in the indexincluding a reference to my citation of Aristotle on blogs, which I hope will now enter the wider world of discourse and become as well known as the burning of the Library of Alexandria to provide fuel for bathhouses.

LL mostly employs single quotes, using double quotes for quotes within quotes as is LSA style, according to Pullum. I suppose that the writer got there by transforming “is far from fulfilling the promise” to “far from fulfils the promise”, on the model of “is scarcely fulfilling the promise” transformed to “scarcely fulfils the promise”. Mea culpa, O Marce, mea maxima culpa! May 5, at 6: The British style is objectively correct, as it allows for greater consistency when quoting something that itself contains terminal punctuation, in addition to being more logical all around.


World Wide Words: Far From the Madding Gerund

All other messages and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily state or reflect those of languagehat. Gerunds after verbs, my dear— I prefer to practice what I predicate.

Because I’m a total nerd, my favorite blog in the world is Language Log http: As for the book’s layout, I have two major complaints. Want to Read saving…. Actually, disregard my last comment; I just looked at it again, gwrund the aim of finding examples, and I found that some things I had originally taken as errors were actually my misunderstandings.

The printed word has been especially designed to allow the reader a comfortable yet streamliner-fast read. This is a book to dip into, not to be read straight through. Skidelsky is obviously a good writer, and he missed it. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

Far from the Madding Gerund and Other Dispatches from Language Log | Department of Linguistics

Project Gutenberg 0 editions. I used to work in a bookstore and oh the joy of bookstore smells.

Your use of the site and services geund subject to these policies and terms. The selection after that is They are a prophetwhich promotes one of my favorite causes, singular they.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Google Books — Loading First spread the sentence out on a clean, flat surface, such as an ironing board. Is there such a thing as mind-reading fatigue? May 7, at 2: I sometimes notice people, well-versed in English, using the comma outside their quotations. A Whiter Shade of Pale.

Alex rated it it was amazing Dec 26, So why pay money for fsr you can fat for free? Hey, Tom, good of you to drop by! I’ve always enjoyed discussions about language. I want to read linearly, not to jump frantically from page to page.


This site uses cookies. Observe, for instance, the following sentence, sighted in the wild in J. Don’t remember when, exactly, I read this, but it’s a lot of fun for madving who enjoys discussions of grammar and word usage. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Liberman, Geoffrey Pullum, Arnold Zwicky, Victor Mair and the rest of their crewmates run a generally diverting and welcoming ship, and one that has profitably mined the intersection between “real linguistics” and “the shit that people think is interestingabout language”, often applying one to the other with productive results.

May 6, at This usually just creates a new lexical item, in this case an adverb “far from”, like the vernacular pseudo-adverb sort of in “he sort of fulfils the promise”, or the regionalism near to in “I near to died” google finds 8 instances of “near to died”.

This is a good example of two processes, one a general fact about language change and the other a specific fact about the recent history of the English language or more properly the culture of those who write formal English.

Fat book employs double quotes, using single quotes for quotes within quotes. I conjecture that explicit instruction in grammatical analysis tends to damp in formal writing the effect of these “forces of disorder”, limiting them to gradual leakage from patterns that have become mading established in the vernacular where formal instruction is irrelevant.

Unfortunately, things are not all peachy. But according to an old copy of Speak Better and Write Better, the author suggests putting it inside the quotes. I feom say, though, I was saddened by the quote from my How many new words?