For Dan’s Transmission Service 10 Jefferson Place Fort Walton Beach FL .. See the AUTO TRANS DIAGNOSIS – F4A33, W4A32 & W4A Getting ready for my winter project of rebuilding an F4A First I need one. Found a few JDM units with part #: F4A33K1UPQ Are there any. Transmission Model Number F4A Applications, Specifications, Dimensions, Ratios.

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Everything else on this transmission looks identical. Except where otherwise noted, transmissioon on this wiki is licensed under the following license: The stock shafts are pretty tough but once you start getting under mid 8 second passes you should seriously consider this as an upgrade as the stock one the splines start twisting. Yes, my password is: This is to determine which gear set the transmission has so you can identify the trans as well as which transfer case you need to have.

F4A33 Transmission Differences?

Getting ready for my winter project of rebuilding an F4A Page Tools Old revisions Backlinks Back to top. Also remember helical cut gears are designed to reduce noise.

A trans with a 5-friction front clutch and translab shift kit with the pressures cranked will live down into the high 8’s or so. An aftermarket transmission pan brings increased capacity and being aluminum it does assist in cooling.

At The Right Price”. I’m going to disassemble the trans this weekend and compare to the FSM. The next option is a Quaife center diff. All of them are made by Kiggly Racing. People commonly ask what rebuild kit they should get.


Search Forums Recent Posts. The rear drum is called that because it is at what would be the rear of the stack. To view applications begin by selecting the vehicle manufacturer listed below. Also it trasnmission the performance and the longevity of the transmission.

If you are making serious power then this is a good idea. This is compatible with the stock input shaft. Dodge Eagle Hyundai Mitsubishi Plymouth. These are also something you should do to help prolong performance and reliability in the transmission.

transmission [W4A33]

So it will not work in a 1G transmission. It is commonly referred to as a forward drum as all of the forward gears utilize this. If your having it done take it to a professional welded and make sure they know how to do this properly.

Our stores are staffed with specialists dedicated to getting ” The Job Done Right Nov 11, 4. When you weld the center diff in these you take the Viscous Coupling out and eliminate it from the transmission altogether and pulls alot of weight out of the transmission. If you weld your diff make sure you clean it extremely well and keep it at a high temp while welding and dont let it cool off.

This is the prevent warping. User Tools Log In. To check this against your transfer case then see Here: This is another product of JB Designs. Tbh man I would just get usdm transmission and not worry about it being different I’ve never dissembled a jdm trans So I can’t f4w33 you there my fsm doesn’t even cover or even mention the trannsmission transmission Why go jdm if you don’t mind me asking?

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The part number for that is MD It spins freely in 2nd and 3rd gears. The inboard side of the gear diff housing side is where I’ve seen cracking start in every single failure. As a byproduct of reducing noise it heavily promoted deflection.

When doing this mod it will minimize shift binding and is less abusive to rear clutch splines. This is a m input shaft. One other thing he does is put a plug in the separator plate and drill out a. Only concern might be final drive ratio there were only two so I’ve been told for the F4A If you truly want a long lasting and good performing transmission these are really important. Oct 22, 2. This does have negative effects on turning radius but its not to bad and is the best option.

This is also an indicator along with having transmiasion check balls as shift kits come with torlon check balls.

The stock gears are usually a ticking time bomb and carry a serious potential safety warning. The DSM auto trans is a stout piece, but everything has its limits and anything can be broken if you try hard enough. There transmmission 3 options for front clutch kits.

If you plan to launch your car occasionally or more then these are heavily recommended. The aftermarket parts consist of the pictured Kiggly Racing Diff Saddle.