EXORD 221-12 PDF

SUBJECT: HQDA EXORD SCREENING OF SEXUAL REF/Q/ HQDA EXORD , SEXUAL HARASSMENT/ASSAULT. HQDA EXORD , Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program Synchronization Order, Z Jun ARNG EXORD. Annex G, Annex H and Annex I FRAGO 2 to HQDA EXORD I have the original EXORD and the Annex but the FRAGOs are.

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Protect our Service Members through information, education, programs, and resources. A notice of 90 days is required on all requests and they are approved in the order they are received.

MING YouTube Preview Exercise Northern Strike is a unique, multinational, military training exercise because it combines air, ground and amphibious combat capability drills into one super-sized training exercise.

The advantage of the unrestricted reporting option is that notification of law enforcement and the command structure allows actions to be taken to protect the victim.

Looking for some SHARP documents, SHARP reps can you send? | RallyPoint

You will be able to view the data readings of exkrd solar farm, its project information and learn how it works! Lansing, MI Office: Act decisively and protect all members of the National Guard family from sexually offensive and abusive behavior and to motivate our National Guard Members on the Army Values in order to remain a constant force in the fight to enhance our readiness.


Please fill out the DD form for all community event requests. The Michigan National Guard Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention office is the single point of contact for coordinating appropriate and responsive care for sexual assault and domestic violence victims.

Looking for some SHARP documents, SHARP reps can you send?

Our responsibility is three-fold:. Copyright Michigan National Guard.

Martin Luther King Blvd. We will reach out to you regarding your request.

Lines of Duties are determined on the duty status that exodd incident occurred. Fill out the DD form if your request requires any aviation assets.

Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention

Our responsibility is three-fold: VA SARC Chaplain Healthcare Provider Law enforcement is not informed nor does exlrd command structure become involved, thus eliminating the opportunity for disciplinary or protective action. About Arras WordPress Theme.

Army Regulation CH. Reporting Options Restricted Reporting Allows the victim on a confidential basis to disclose details of the assault only to specified individuals and receive medical attention if requested: Please fill out the Public Affairs Support Form and submit to ng. This office coordinates reported sexual assault victim care and domestic violence referrals for care.


Help, advise and train commanders dxord every level to train our servicemembers to intervene, exodd matter the time or place. Submit the DD and DD forms completed to ng. Expedited transfers can be implemented at the written request of the victim. No Expedited transfers are available with this option.