EURORACK UBFX-PRO/UBFX-PRO/UBFX-PRO/UBFX- PRO. This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to the presence of uninsulated . 5 user reviews on Behringer Eurorack UBFX-Pro. The Behringer Eurorack UBFX-PRO Channel Mixer is versatile and feature packed for project audio mixing in home studios, musician rigs, podcast.

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So you select which one you want to run, and you can then send that in various amounts to your channels. Micro amps are not great especially after half a turn knob.

Peak indicator is very practical. I love the little ub2222cx-pro light, but I like less bugs routing as well as two failures in two years. Sounds are brittle, small, and lack a lot of extreme high end that can bring a track to life. This is an analog console. Made to be rack mounted or stand alone.

Behringer Eurorack UBFX-PRO Channel Mixer UBFX-PRO

There are integrated effects that you can send into the individual channels. I had a little trouble understanding how effects routing ug2222fx-pro sub-groups. I like the very low price about it, and that it is reliable. I purchased this unit off of E-Bay. Nothing special to say except that the manual is not rich but just enough trs.


Nothing to add to what has been said above, otherwise we would have liked a control output separate from the headphone output I’ve used a good amount of mixers. Each of those channels has an EQ strip with 3 bands. This mixer also provides phantom power.

More than 99 effects such as reverb, chorus, delay, compressor, etc.

Behringer Eurorack Channel Mixer Board -(UBFXPRO) | eBay

This review was originally published on http: Shame about the headphones unusable. All the other normal mixer functions are easily accessible. The mic pre-amps are a very nice feature.

The qualiseurs t appear to have reviewed and are quite efficient. The EQ does ub2222fx-pri it’s supposed to do, but again sounds grainy and not very smooth.

All user reviews for the Behringer Eurorack UB2222FX-Pro

Our members also liked: If you are just looking for a workhorse mixer, not for studio use but for other things such as an open mic or for speakers, than this would be a good value due to euroraxk very low price. Write a eurorck review Ask for a user review. The multi-effect is quite convenient but it induces, depending on the program, a breath or pop numrique more or less important.

It’s just practice to see what happens. Ease of operation and the FX are nice. Very nice unit for the musician who demands the most for his money. You do not take risk by adopting it. For cons, the headphone jack ub22222fx-pro all rotten with breath enough to prove the long run.

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I definitely do not recommend this for recording. Good food rack analog via late in mtale provided with a practical eurrack rather than anything else: Sort by most recent most useful.

I personally found the manual to be a little bit vague at times. Most of what this unit does sounds rather cheap, I guess because the unit itself is cheap.

There are also 3 sends, a pan pot, mute, and solo buttons. Price quality point of view it is a good table trs and therefore a good deal for a home studio.

Behringer Eurorack Ub2222fx-pro Mixer 22 Input With FX

My ear does not dcle blast on returns. Some things still elude me why can not we send the return effect “FX euroracm the sub, it does not work Request a new review.

Not satisfied with those reviews? There are also inserts on the back panel.