The growing fragmentation of natural habitats intensifies the necessity to evaluate biological diversity contained in plant remnants. Composicao, estrutura e. Índice de equitabilidade de Pielou (E) Medida da abundância relativa das espécies E=H ́ /H ́ max. em que: • H ́ = índice de diversidade de Shannon; • H ́ max. 4 nov. Índice de Pielou Bárbara Lima Santiago da Costa Índice de Pielou (Equabilidade ): É derivado do índice de diversidade de Shannon e permite.

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Through the jungle of biological diversity. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, ABSTRACT The floristic and phytosociological studies contribute significantly to the knowledge of forest formations by showing the richness and diversity of the environments evaluated.

Segundo Silva et al. University of Chicago Press, The role of disturbance in natural communities. In the phytosociological study, individuals comprising 48 species, 38 genera and 24 families were sampled.

Equabilidade de pielou pdf

Acta Amazonic a, The alfa equabillidade Shannon index of 2,75 nats. She has written many research papers in ecology, and has contributed to several international symposia in statistics and ecology. An update of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group classification for the orders and families of flowering plants: Ecological diversity and its measurement.

Acta Oecologica 25 Such problems can be avoided using equbilidade methods. Madeireira Vale Verde Ltda. Estimating the effectiveness of further sampling in species inventories. The species with the highest importance value IV were Myracrodruon urundeuva The evolution and classification of flowering plants. One of them is diversity profile, which includes not one index but many diversity indices differing in the weight given to each component.


Estimating terrestrial biodiversity through extrapolation. The lack of an objective criteria to guide appropriate weighting of each component results in an arbitrary decision to use an index and not another. How to cite this article. Floristic and phytosociology of tree and shrub species in Caatinga area in Arcoverde, Pernambuco, Brazil. Species-area pieloj species-individual relationships for tropical trees: The differences encountered among the floristic compositions and structures between the areas, even when considering a same type of soil, indicates a high heterogeneity of the cerrado vegetation.

Wiley Interscience, New York.

Statistical estimation of species richness and shared species from samples. Among them, non-parametric diversity or heterogeneity indices such as Shannon and Simpson formulae are widely employed in a range of studies.

Growth rate of a terra firme rain forest in Brazilian Amazonia over an eight-year period in response to logging. The New York Botanical Garden, Curvas mais inclinadas possuem menor equabilidade. Trees with stem diameter at 1. Additional alternatives include the use of species richness only, Whittaker’s diagram or of dominance and scatter diagrams with axes defined by species richness and an evenness index.

Phytosociology of a dense ombrophilous forest in the northern Amazon, Roraima, Brazil

Amazon species, diversity, Fabaceae, Pentaclethra macroloba. The study was conducted in 40 plots 10 x 25 m with inclusion level piwlou circumference at 1. On the relation between species and area.


The floristic and phytosociological studies contribute significantly to the knowledge of forest formations by showing the richness and diversity of the environments evaluated.

All trees with breast diameter DBH above 10 cm in nine 1-ha-permanent plots x m each were inventoried. Wood CO 2 efflux in a primary tropical rain forest. Partitioning diversity ve independent alpha and beta components. In both areas, the d diversity between the plots was high, especially when considering the species density, indicating a high environmental heterogeneity of cerrado and the complementarities between the patches towards the maintenance of biodiversity.

Ecological dynamics of tropical forest fragments.

What do we win ‘confounding’ species richness and evenness in a diversity index?

How to cite this article. Species that also occur in forest formations were separated from species that occur exclusively in savanna formations.

Measures of species diversity in ecology: Adriano Sanches Melo, e-mail: Wood extraction and pasture activities have decisively contributed to the removal of vegetation in this area. Partitioning species diversity across landscapes and regions: Services on Demand Journal.

Aims and methods for vegetation ecology. Qualea paraensis 10 ind. Seasonally dry tropical forests. Segundo Santos et al. A comparative analysis of evenness index sensitivity.