The Christians in the world. “Christians are indistinguishable from other men either by nationality, language or customs. They do not inhabit. This type of writing is also called an apologetics letter or an apology. Although neither author nor recipient is known for certain, the Letter to Diognetus purports . Letter to Diognetus, an early Christian apologetic work probably dating from the 2nd or 3rd century ad. It is often included with the works of the Apostolic Fathers, .

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Like others, they marry and have children, but they do not expose them. Christians of the 2nd century set a very high standard.

Well, there you have it. They especially liked Plato, both a philosopher and poet, whose verses they often used to prove there was one God the Creator. I am learning from these quotes a….

The Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus

I do not aim at anything except what is consistent with sound reason. Aren’t all of these corruptible matter? You epiatle find this is true in Scripture as well, where the early church usage holds up much better. I often update the language on these, too, doing my best not to affect even possible meanings.

Epistle to Diognetus – Wikiquote

Lord Byron, British Romantic poet and satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination…. Keep in the light of your truth all those you have freed from the darkness of unbelief.

The Jewsthen, if they abstain from the kind of service above described, and deem it proper to worship one God as being Lord of all, [are right]; but if they offer Him worship in the way which we have described, they greatly err.

For neither can life exist without knowledge, nor is knowledge secure without life.

Are they not all deaf? For, to accept some of those things which have been formed by God for the use diignetus men as properly formed, and to reject others as useless and redundant — how can this be lawful? Are they not destitute of feeling? The man that is clean is the one who ruminates on the word of God chews the cudand who separates from the world parts the hoof.

For who that is rightly taught and begotten by the loving Word would not seek to learn accurately the things which have been clearly shown by the Word to his disciples? You’ll notice that the writer does not quote a single Scripture, neither from the Old Testament nor the New. Only the power of God can make us able, he says. Do ye not much more mock and insult them, when ye worship those that are made of stone and earthenware, without appointing any persons to guard them; but those made of silver and gold ye shut up by night, and appoint watchers to look after them by day, lest they be stolen?


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But after He revealed and laid open, through His beloved Son, the things which had been prepared from the beginning, He conferred every blessing all at once upon us, so that we should both share in His benefits, and see and be active [in His service].

For God, the Lord and Fashioner of all things, who made all things, epixtle assigned them their several positions, proved Himself kf merely a friend of mankind, but also diognefus [in His dealings with them. Is not a fourth silver, which needs a man to watch it, lest it be stolen? Come, then, after you have freed yourself from all prejudices possessing your episyle, and laid aside what you have been accustomed to, as something apt to deceive you, and being made, as if from the beginning, a new man, inasmuch as, according to your own confession, you are od be the hearer of a new [system of] doctrine; come and contemplate, not with your eyes only, but with your understanding, the substance and the form of those whom ye declare and deem to be gods.

Isn’t it much rather a demonstration of foolishness to let the changing of the seasons determine whether you are festive or mourning? This presentation of the Gospel in the Letter to Diognetus is unusual—for us. The soul loves the flesh that hates it, as well as its parts.

But not a single human being will, unless compelled to it, endure such treatment, since he is endowed with sense and reason. Then Eve will not be corrupted but trusted as a virgin.

They have a common table, but not a common bed. Did not the sculptor fashion one of them, the brazier a second, the silversmith a third, and the potter a fourth? There’s a gap of unknown length in the manuscript of the Letter to Diognetus here. As citizens they participate in everything with others, yet they endure everything as if they were foreigners. Gospels Matthew Mark Luke John.

From a letter to Diognetus: The Christian in the world

dikgnetus I minister the things delivered to me to those that are disciples worthy of the truth. For neither can life exist without knowledgenor is knowledge secure without life. And do not wonder that a man may become an imitator of God. Translated by Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson.


You inquire about them with great care and sincerity, seeking to determine what God they trust in and what type of religion they observe that allows them to look down upon the world and to despise death, all the while rejecting both those that are esteemed gods by the Greeks and the superstitions of the Jews.

Similarly, the world hates the Christians, not because they have done it any wrong, but because they are opposed to its enjoyments. As long, then, as He held and preserved His own wise counsel in concealment, He appeared to neglect us, and to have no care over us.

The Apostle, perceiving the force [of this conjunction], and blaming that knowledge which, without true doctrine, is admitted to influence life, declares, “Knowledge puffeth up, but love edifieth.

Didn’t the sculptor fashion one of them, the brazier a second, the silversmith a third, and the potter a fourth? For God, the Lord and Fashioner of all things, who made all things, and who assigned them their various positions, has proven himself not only a Friend of mankind, but also patient. As calling us He sent Him, not as vengefully pursuing us; as loving us He sent Him, not as judging us.

Letter to Diognetus

I welcome this desire of yours, eiognetus I implore God, who enable us both to speak and to hear, to let me speak in such a way that, more than epistlf, I may hear that you have been built up. For which reason He sent the Word, that He might be manifested to the world; and He, being despised by the people [of the Jews ], was, when preached by the Apostles, believed on by the Gentiles.

However, if they offer him worship in the way we’ve described, they are in great error. Are they not fabricated by means of iron and fire? Other dionetus Christians did indeed argue that it is foolish to reject some creatures of God and accept others.