UAD Plug-Ins Manual .. Each functional area has a separate manual file. The Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor plug-in provides all the features . This entry was posted in. Bookmark the permalink. Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor. About. Sonic Circus knows vintage and contemporary audio equipment. That manual is also a great resource on compression in general. I bet I’ve read Y’all got a manual with your Distressors? Empirical Labs.

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In fact, you can put entirely different audio into the Stereo Link input that will affect the main audio coming out, janual not be heard itself. View other reviews for this product: The Brit Mod is not shown.

Sometimes for room mics, keeping the units unlinked actually makes them sound more stereo. While a given setting may be the right one for a given source, hence all the ratios and filter options, it’s almost impossible to make a signal completely unlistenable with the Distressor.

Did you find this review helpful? Log in Become a member. It is usually best to match all front panel settings on the two “left and right” units to maintain imaging. There are three additional modes that affect the detector part of this unit.

Empirical Labs Distressor User Manual

The LED’s above the switch will cycle through eight states. Both input jacks are differential but at the output, only the XLR is differential. Obviously, the unit will not work in stereo now.

Hey, there’s a first time emprical everything! I’ve used it a couple of times on rock bass for a certain, super-quick “clamp down and let go” type of characteristic, but this is the one feature on the Distressor that I could take or empircial.

Stereo operation requires only two things. The old, sought after vintage gear is not anywhere empiical as accurate or linear as devices made today, but certain “faults” Basic Wiring Wiring is straightforward. It is possible to change the wiring of the connectors inside since they are hand wired. You use the input knob to drive the compressor. The actual audio you finally hear is not passed through this circuitry, only. The last feature to discuss on the EL-8X model is the special “Brit Mode,” selectable by a toggle switch on the front panel.

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This will saturate each low frequency note making it sound. For manuxl, try 6. Of note, the “X” and stereo designations in the model number indicate the presence of the Brit Mode and Stereo Link features which are optional on the basic, mono versions of the Distressor.

If all your source needs is a tender little kiss in 2: Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

If you’ve used other EL gear, the Distressor’s front panel layout should be familiar if you haven’t, you’ll want to spend some time getting the hang of how they do things. This setting is intended to evoke and extremely fast, aggressive compression characteristic similar to the classic “all buttons in” trick. If there’s only one thing I’m compressing, it’s probably through a Distressor.

Everything else about the Distressors is just as I like it and I never go wanting otherwise. Then put the unit into link to further affect the compression in a more frequency dependent unit. The power cord connection is a detachable IEC socket and of epmirical standard power cords are included.

A masterpiece – Reviews Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X – Audiofanzine

The sidechain must not have appreciable delay nor be out of phase since the “link” signal gets mixed back in with the normal detector signal and the delay would cause “combing” of the frequency response, resulting in irrational compression behavior. Power Consumption — Typical is 10 Watts, maximum is 14 Watts. Add to my manuals Add. If you want a good, smooth characteristic that can still push things forward a little, 4: The detector modes, Distressor block diagram, Detector circuit main audio path, Detector modes.


The Distressors also come with a short yet helpful manual which, in addition to covering utilization basics, also has suggested settings and “pet tricks. The phone jack ins and outs will be out of phase with pin 3 since the unit is wired pin 2 hot from the factory see note below. However, unlike most units, the user has the option to treat the left and right channels differently.


You could put the side without the L. Common to both filter banks is the ability to select between one filter, or to stack multiple filters on each other, so for example you could have the Detector HPF and band emphasis working together to keep weird modulations out of a heavily compressed signal, of you could have the Audio HPF and Distortion modes working together so that you’re not adding too much THD under 80hz.

The detector is the part of the compressor circuit or software that figures out how much and how fast. There is also a special “Nuke” ratio which creates an extremely aggressive, heavy, radical compression characteristic that works especially well dietressor super-compressed room mics. This is what makes these units truly general purpose, and indeed, Empirjcal have yet to encounter any signal source that the Distressor simply couldn’t flatter!

A separate amplifier drives each of these pins, so grounding one of them will short the associated amplifier out. Once you get the hang of how the compressor and filters handle, you really can’t go wrong with this unit in terms of sonics. See block diagram below and stereo hookup in this manual. However, the Distressor will distresor un-harmed if you temporarily short an. That said, you can get a clearer sound and less aggressive clamp-down by keeping the attack higher than that and not hitting the compressor so hard with the input.

Our company cannot be responsible for damage to unit or electric shock to anyone trying such a modification. Don’t have an account? This was done to provide an easy to set, yet versatile group of curves.

Always unplug unit before removing cover!