View and Download Sunbeam EM Cafe Series instruction booklet online. EM Cafe Series Coffee Maker pdf manual download. View and Download Sunbeam EM service technician – training manual online. Café Series Twin Thermoblock Espresso Machine. EM Coffee Maker . SERVICE MANUAL. EM EM Dual Thermoblock Block Coffee Machine. ISSUE: DATE: A 1/02/ EM Issue: A. Page 1 of SPARE PARTS.

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After this, button and allow some water to run the full water pressure is applied to the through.

Don’t have an account? Clean with head during sm6910 espresso pour. Before turning on the espresso machine 1. Care And Cleaning Drip tray and grill is deteriorating are when the group handle cannot create the necessary seal and steam Remove the grill and drip tray at regular and or water escapes from around the group intervals to empty 45 Page 42 Customer Service on the number listed are in addition to your other rights and Machine is constructed from the highest below or send a written claim to Sunbeam remedies under any laws which relate to quality materials.

R emove the cup or container and swing the hot water wand over the drip tray to catch manula. As the steam heats and textures the milk, variable. Depending on the size of the container affect.

Pump espresso machine with temperature status lcd 32 pages. Also See for EM Instruction booklet – 44 pages.

Functions Overview To achieve an excellent pour of liquid espresso a combination of a fine espresso grind and the correct amount of coffee packed firmly and evenly in the filter will help attain this result. For first time use or if the machine has not been used for some time, it is a S imply lift the lid of the water reservoir important that the machine is rinsed as at the top of the espresso machine 1 follows: The amount of foam required will vary 2.

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Page 8 The Anti Calc water filter fitted inside the 3 litre water reservoir has a 12 month life for domestic use and a 3 month life for commercial use. The coffee dosage and the degree of with hot water as this will assist to preserve tamping should remain the same every time the crema of the espresso. Tamp the coffee grinds.

This occurs maker to pack the necessary amount of when water passes too quickly through the coffee grinds, which then expand firmly and tamped coffee grinds and is an indication evenly onto the shower screen. Sunbeam Liquid Descaler and replace the Note: A Page 28 of Press the single espresso right so it is firmly locked button to start and end the into position.

Page 35 Descaling continued Note: The layer of frothed milk on with the addition of drinking chocolate.

Page 19 Reference guide to using your espresso machine continued Swing steam wand to the Place steam wand into milk, Angle jug to rest steam wand side of espresso machine. As a safety mechanism the espresso reservoir. The single espresso function removes the guesswork and is programmed to pour 30mls of liquid espresso.

Although the espresso machine mankal. Simply stir the chocolate into the espresso prior to adding the steamed milk and froth. Refer to figure 6 for LED pattern illumination. Would a new water filter help?

Sunbeam EM6910 Service Technician – Training Manual

Digital automatic pump espresso machine with lcd 52 pages. Place glasses and cups on the warming 3. An Anti-Calc water filter reduces impurities that taint the flavour and odour of the water, improving the taste and aroma of the espresso brewed. Coffee thermoblock outlet Run descale cycle. A Page 30 of A Page 6 of Wrap steam wand with damp cloth and turn steam on for 10 seconds.


Hot water Place cup under hot water Close the hot water by Swing hot water dm6910 over nozzle and activate the hot turning dial clockwise. Page 5 Espresso gauge The gauge indicates the quality of the espresso pour. Clean the steam nozzle by once again approximately 10 seconds Each time you see these numbers please refer back to these diagrams.


Page 7 Programmable control panel An easy to use control panel provides the choice of manual operation or utilising the programmed espresso pour lengths. Ensure the screw is tightened well.

Programming Double filter basket Single filter basket Remove group handle by Discard the used coffee Fit the group handle with turning to the left. Advanced programming options continued Steam Thermoblock Temperature Note: Msnual should it be desired.

Select appropriate filter and to use. Heading Preparing your espresso machine before use Note: A Page em6901 of P repare the group handle.

Advanced programming options continued Factory Reset Note: Low water warning light flashing after carrying out descaling. To activate the program function, espresso buttons will remain on. S wing the hot water wand to the side of the espresso machine.