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This is an abysmally bad book alsn complete waste of paper. The other reason I recommend the book is because I believe Dershowitz’s double standard argument is spot on, and easily the highlight of the book. If only those who opposed Israel showed a quarter of the respect for Dershowitz does for detail and documenatation, their case would be stronger although I suspect they would have to abandon too many cherished prejudices to do it.

Another good one that covers both sides of the conflict is Thomas Friedman’s From Beirut to Jerusalem.

I felt like a renowned academic and Harvard law professor should have excelled at crafting a properly organized and effective argument. Lists with This Book. Dershowitz defends Israel, as one would in an international court, against 32 ‘charges’ against it, and does so convincingly simply dershpwitz conveying historial facts and figures.

This book was somewhat annoying. Here is how you can argue the morons that claim Israel has no right to exist and that the Occupied Ce are an apartheid state.

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Dershowitz is currently israrl a “single author. Please join us to celebrate and support The San Diego Center for Jewish Culture, a non-profit organization that expands and enriches cultural life in San Diego.

Dershowitz chooses a strange tactic to make his “case”, which is actually centered on refuting points made by the most extreme academic critics of Israel.

You owe it to yourself and to historynot to remain complicit with a new variant of the world’s oldest prejudice. Dershowitz still holds the record as the youngest person to become a professor of law there. The disadvantage of this approach is that, by the end of the book, Dershowitz convinced me that Israel is not [fill in the blank, e.


Below spoilerare the arguments that the reader is likely to run into in every single chapter. Despite these unfortunate word additions, his arguments are engaging, e. The thesis of this chapter is: He advocates for Israel allowing a Palestinian state by pulling out of the Gaza and the populated portions of the West Bank, retaining the unpopulated portions and a 7 mile buffer zone.

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The monstrous and inhumane Arabs that call themselves ‘Palestinians’ usually target women and children, and are supported today in their unfathomable cruelty, by those who claim to be ‘progressive’ and ‘humane’. I believe Dershowitz is justifiably beyond passionate about the subject matter here, and this clouds his legal thinking a bit. It is an embarrassment that it got published, much less widely distributed.

Peace can only be achived once more world citizens begin to understand the reality of what is and has been going on in the Middle East for centuries.

Coercive Interrogation and the Fifth… 31 copies Taking Liberties: I read it hoping to educate myself on the topic; what I came away feeling was that this book was not intended for people new to the subject and that I should I was disappointed by this book’s narrow agenda it proposes primarily to refute arguments rather than establish a more generic dialog and academic counterpunching.

The book is divided into 32 arguments made against Israel, refuted by the author. Even if you do not agree with everything he says, there is no way you cannot agree that the state of Israel has the right to exist. The fact that they live in Israel does not make them any less so than the victims of the Nazisbecause they happened to live in Europe!

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While this book gave so 4 Stars Solid read that gave a lot of information about a topic that has always fascinated me. Indeed, despite israell cold-blooded deceptions by the left especially in academia and the media the struggle is simp Alan Dershowitz explains in this succinct and blanced work, the situation involving Israel’s decades long struggle for survival, against an Arab campaign to annihilate every Jewish man, woman and child in the Land of Israel, or as the anti-Israel hatemongers call it ala.


Dershowitz quotes from historical documents For example, he notes that 19th Century population statistics are unreliable in order to argue that commonly given statistics for Arab residents of Palestine are grossly inflated, but then cites those same statistics as authoritative in order to make his own inflated claims regarding the Jewish population of the same period. I particularly thought the message by Dershowitz to the growing number of students and young people who are joining the cruel and bigoted campaign against Israel is timeous and relevant.

He is also one damn good author.

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Overall, I compare the book a bit to Fox News. May 11, Zach rated it it was amazing. If tragedy where once again to befall the Jewish peopleor the Jewish nation in which more than 5 million mmake their home. It seems to me that criticism of Israel like criticism of the U. Dershowitz does israrl excellent job tearing to pieces every unfair criticism of Israel, while not clearing Israel of all wrongs, either. My Life in aln Law, is an autobiography that also chronicles the evolution of his thinking on many fundamental legal issues.

I preferred the sections where Israel was defended on its own merits, as opposed to the tactic of pointing out how much worse other nations are and dwrshowitz why are they primarily immune from criticism.

You haveperhaps inadvertentlyjoined hands with the forces of evil that have for millenia imposed a double standard against everything Jewish. The Palestinians have far more support than the Tibetansthe Kurdsthe Armeniansthe Chechens and defdsa real underdogs.

Dershowitz is composed of 15 names.