Esteban Echeverria was an Argentine poet, writer and political activist and also one of Latin America’s most important literature figures, as he. El Matadero – Esteban Echeverría (/). Copy of the work is available here. Nice, quick read! Also, some interesting notes on wikipedia. resumen de “el matadero” de esteban echeverría diré solamente que los sucesos de mi narración pasaban por los años estabamos en cuaresma, época.

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Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. It may be fruitfully essteban with the vernacular Spanish echeverrria the city that is in use today, long after the massive Italo-Hispanic immigrations of the early twentieth century. Cuarenta y nueve reses estaban tendidas sobre sus cueros y cerca de doscientas personas hollaban aquel suelo de lodo regado con la sangre de sus arterias. Views Read Edit View history. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Esto se notaba al principio de la matanza. No se sabe si cumplieron la promesa. The protagonist is violently stretched out on the torture-table and he develops paroxysms of uncontrollable rage, demanding to have his throat cut rather than submit to this indignity. Carllla then turned to Gutierrez’s editorial notes on the story.

They used to call a savage unitario He remained in Uruguay until efheverria death in February Learn how and when to remove this template message. It is mostly significant because it displays the perceived clash between “civilization and barbarism”, that is, between the European and the “primitive and violent” American ways.


The Slaughter Yard – Wikipedia

This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. But your metaphor seems more applicable, I find. His remains are said to be buried at Buceo Cemetery. A few years back I had to analyze this story for a Spanish literature class, and the original spanish version manages to be even more explicit and grotesque. Los caminos se anegaron; los pantanos se pusieron a nado y las calles de entrada y salida a la ciudad rebosaban en acuoso barro.

Domingo Faustino Sarmientoanother evheverria Argentine writer and thinker, saw this clash as the core of Latin American culture. Furthermore, his horse bears a silla or gringo saddle [note 7] — in the crowd’s mentality, the sure sign of the effete city slicker. Your conclusion and the metaphor are very insightful. After a terrible struggle the young man bursts a blood vessel and dies on the spot. However echevrria sorts of interpretations or symbolic meanings have been sought: The reader is given to understand that the meat is really intended for privileged persons including Rosas himself and his corrupt clergy.

This can be said to be a metaphor to Rosas governance, to demonstrate, how De Rosas did not only make the laws, but also decided when and how to enforce them. This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat The reader is assumed to understand the inward significance of the word Mazorca mazorca is Spanish for “corncob”: Echeverria starts the short story by questioning The Church; he makes use of religious allusions and metaphors. Hence, although it was tempting to regard “The Slaughter House” as a work composed at the height of Rosas’ state terrorism, there was really no evidence that it was.

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And the proof is in the story’s last paragraph:. But he pointed out that Gutierrez had a habit of unilaterally “correcting” the works of the authors he edited for editors of that era, his was a not uncommon failing ; supplying copious examples.

El Matadero

The only thing in this picture that can have been the author’s invention would be the moral appreciation of the circumstances, the language and the victim’s conduct, which functions as the noble poet would have done himself in an analogous situation. This section needs expansion. The scene of the “savage unitario ” in the power of the Judge of the Slaughter Yard and his myrmidons is not an invention but a reality that happened more than once in that ill-fated era.

Ahora vamos a cuentas. Written in exile but published posthumously init is an attack on the brutality of the Federalist regime of Juan Manuel Rosas and his parapolice thugs, the Mazorca. Tengo muchas razones para no seguir ese ejemplo, las que callo por no ser difuso.