El designio del ángel has ratings and reviews. Mizuki said: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand, is one of the most cliched, over-ranted YA books I’d. About El designio del ángel. by Cynthia Hand (Goodreads Author). Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about El designio del ángel, please sign up. Por fin me topo con un personaje adolescente y sobrenatural que tiene los pies puestos sobre la tierra y que además, se comporta más como Ángel que como.

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This book exists because it wants to be a trilogy. Unearthly tells a story of a sixteen-year old girl, Clara Gardner, who is a one-fourth part angel.

Thankfully, Christian and his brooding self leave for a while and Clara is left spending time with her best friend’s twin brother, Tucker, who is much more likable.

Throne of Glass Xngel by Sarah J. But add a stalkerish man in here and you’ve got every other YA novel.

Like Angela – the most interesting hhand in the book yet she has the smallest part. Shatter Me Series by …more 1. Are we just going to ignore the fact that her brother has oil black wings? But it’s not the kind of thing that appeals to me. Whats that all about.

El Designio del Angel

Reviews and more https: I could have appreciated the author’s attempt to scope on Clara’s human problems if it didn’t desigio the whole plot. And I must say, I wanted to agree, because from what I can tell, most angel fiction is indeed pretty terrible. I’m absolutely in love with these series and I still haven’t gotten over most of these.

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This is not an actual cyhthia but Cynthia writes like this: So, thoughts from someone who’s read all three – should a person like me keep reading? We learn a little more about what it means to be part-angel.

I guess I should have expected nothing less from this book by the blurb. I have some quotes for you: A girl finding out her “purpose” and it’s about a boy in a pine forest with fire all around him, but it’s just a glimpse and her mother informs her that she will only get snapshots of the total story. However, I do mind when certain basic rules are not follo The Good: StarCroosed Series by Josephine Angelini 4. I totally get why I really liked Unearthly.

And here’s where I ran into a problem: I spend the morning painting my toenails and watching daytime TV. Nothing bad happened to you or your family and your life is crappy? They function as a team, not against each other.

Notice the key word: View all 29 comments. And it’s something that not a lot of writers manage to do. Not gonna expound on it.

The Grisha by Leigh Bardugo Hope you liked them!!! Yes, admiring really it is wl how the book opened a Character who was self-aware of her abilities. This is perhaps the best-received cynthiq book on the YA market today. To be fair, this book is not as dreadful as most books out there. I felt like it was never going to go anywhere.

The world building doesn’t measure up, and what little there is, the reader is supposed to swallow up whole without questioning the details. Again the whole Clara-and-Tucker’s-romance is filled with a lot of “Tell, Not Show”; the author seems to want making the romance a slowly developed affair instead of some foolish love-at-first-sight thingy.


Still, I’m going to read the sequel, so I’ll have to wish myself good luck. I might have missed it because of the too-fast pacing.

But still I will read the next book. This novel is about a girl who has angel blood in her and is going on a quest for what her “purpose”means. But i think thats why there is a second book with the chance for some potential.

El designio del ángel by Cynthia Hand (1 star ratings)

If she wasn’t pushing her brother onto Clara I would think she’s totally jealous of Angela. I’m not trying to slam the book or the author, and I know how much effort is being put in till publishment of every book, but seriously, unless you don’t mind reading about characters that are totally predictable and monotonous, then by all means, pick it up. I really tried to read this book but i gave up, i dwl bored after 20 pages or something.

Unfortunately not a lot.