Title: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Author: SYED MUHAMMAD JAWED, Name: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Length: 48 pages, Page: 1. Stream Dua e Nudba – Complete with urdu translation by Akbar Ali from desktop or your mobile device. Dua-e-Nudba with urdu translation دعاء ندبہ اردو ترجمہ کے ساتھ. Author: Unknown – نامعلوم. Translator: Language: Urdu – اردو. Category: Duas/Ziaraat – دعائیں /.

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I am pretty sure that this will work for you jazakallah and remember me in your prayers for sharing such a information with you.

Summa ja-a’lta ajra mohammadin salawaatoka a’layhe wa aalehi mawaddatahum fee ketaabeka fa-qulta qul laa as-alokum a’layhe ajran illal mawaddata fil qurbaa wa qulta maa sa-altokum min ajrin fahowa lakum wa qulta maa as-alokum a’layhe min ajrin illaa man shaaa-a ayn yattakheza elaa rabbehi sabeelan fa-kaanoo homus sabeela elayka wal maslaka elaa rizwaaneka falamman qazat ayyaamohu aqaama waliyyahu a’liyyabna abee taalebin salawaatoka a’layhemaa wa aalehemaa haadeyan iz kaana howal munzera wa le-kulle qawmin haadin fa-qaala wal mala-o amaamahu man kunto mawlaaho fa-a’liyyun mawlaaho allaahumma waale man waalaaho wa a’ade man a’adaaho wan-sur man nasarahu wakh-zul man khazalahu wa qaala man kunto anaa nabiyyahu fa-a’liyyun ameerohu wa qaala anaa wa a’lyyun min shajaratin waahedatin wa saa-irun naaso min shajarin shattaa.

O son of renowned traditions! An unparalleled and outlandish approach was applied to the directions of the Messenger of Allah, Blessings of Allah be on him and on his childrenconcerning the “Guides” Imaamsone after the other.


Where is the one spared for refreshing the duties and traditions? All praise be to Allah the Lord urduu the worlds. May my soul be protection and shield for you.

Translayion casts a gloom upon me that you suffered hardships and the chicken hearted deserters left you alone. Where is he who shall make people familiar with “words of wisdom”? Where is he who shall love dearly the favourites of Allah and take pains to tame and train the trangressors? Where is the one expected to restore to life the Book and its provisions? O son of obvious signs!

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Browse dua e nudba, and make your DUA with faith in front of Allah to solve problem, see English transliteration, Urdu translation and Arabic text of e. Where is the one demolishing the edifices of polytheism and hypocrisy? Show them the face of their Leader. Where is he who shall not rest until he answers the cries of help when called upon?

Dua e Nudba – Complete with urdu translation by Akbar Ali | Free Listening on SoundCloud

O Son of the openhanded hosts! Thou alone puts into good order affairs of this world and shall make better the Hereafter. In it, there are clear-cut proofs. O son of beaming lanterns!

Dua E Nudba Arabic Text With Supplications, Transliteration And Translation

May Allah send blessings upon our master Muhammad His Prophet. Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. Turn towards us Thy kindness and loving aspects, and bring us close to Thee.

Your blessings be upon both of them and their Household. Report Video Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn’t appropriate for all viewers. So, You preferred him to Your prophets. Accept our prayers, forgive our sins, fulfill our desires, give us means of livelihood, unrestricted, make less our hardships, meet our demands in full through him.


Leave Comments loading comments form He allowed him alone to do whatever he himself is allowed to do in his Mosque. O son of the ample-giving, finely elected ones!

That which is given to each of them as reward of good deeds is the best recompense, since the earth belongs to Allah, and He gives it for an inheritance to whom He wants from among His servants, and the good end is for the God-fearing wise; glory to our Lord!

Where are the shining moons? O He Who is called to help the helpless, Thy servants, surrounded by calamities.

May my soul be ransom for you; for you are f unmatched pioneer of dignity. Where is he who shall untie the twisted knots of falsehood and disruption?

Make us feel more deeply for him. Or in well guarded concealment? O the Mightiest Almighty.

Dua is the weapon of the I do not ask of you any reward for it.