DSEK 60 – 06A PDF

Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes (FRED) for use as free-wheeling diodes; Soft recovery prevents generation of overvoltage spikes. DSEKA Inventory, Pricing, Datasheets from Authorized Distributors at ECIA . Instant results for DSEKA. DSEK A – fast recovery epitaxial diodes,, housings: TOAD. manufacturer, IXYS Corporation. manufacturer’s name, DSEKA.

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For larger projects, such as fleet wide re-fits, we are able to work within a consortium of specialist companies to ensure that you have the right skills to hand to deliver a turnkey solution to your requirements.

DSEK 60-06A

This allows an extremely high power density that results in a current capability clearly over A for the biggest SimBus A products. With such low onstate resistances, these devices offer low conduction and switching losses while a low input capacitance. Together with the low R DS onthe junction temperature could be significantly reduced, improving efficiency and reliability.

Medium 06 thyristors are available from 3.

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The wide range of 006a blocking voltages makes it possible to apply these diodes as output rectifiers in switch-mode power supplies SMPS as well as protective and freewheeling diodes for power switches in inverters.

The noise level can be reduced by up to 10dB when the input rectifier is equipped with semi-fast diodes and is therefore optimised for turn off; resulting in a lower peak recovery current compared to 066a and normal rectifier diodes.

For CoolMOS FETs, this relation can be reduced to a 06z function making it possible to achieve extremely low onresistances at high breakdown voltages and small chip sizes. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Comments 0 Write your comment. Please refer to Chippenham Factory for further advice. A semiconductor diode, the most common type today, is a crystalline piece of semiconductor material with a P—N junction connected to two electrical terminals.


With optimized ultra-fast switching diodes, the development engineer has various possibilities: Comments 0 Write your comment.

Standard Assemblies We have a comprehensive range of standard assemblies for all of the common converter topologies utilising either natural air, forced air or liquid cooling. This also gives significant benefits when series or parallel connection of devices is required.

The development of SimBus A fulfils the growing demands for more reliability, higher power density and an improved assembly time. Assembly modules can incorporate either single of dual devices and allow for the building of; single-phase diode and thyristor bridges, 3-phase diode and thyristor bridges, or 6-phase single way diode and thyristor assemblies.

Computer components Hardware Network Notebook-Battery. Region Macedonia Kosovo Global. Modules in TO housing of the version 8 are delivered with gate plugs only without auxiliary cathode terminal; mounting srews available on request. O W13 Weight g W14 Weight g Westcode products have gained a worldwide reputation for quality in military, industrial and domestic applications. V I davm typ. Forward Current If 30 A Max. Current and voltage during turn-on and turn-off switching of fast diodes Data according to IEC and refer to a single diode or thyristor unless otherwise stated.

The Wespack outline is a new concept in phase control thyristors for applications requiring devices rated to V. Changes have been made to earlier published specifications. Surge suppression and fusing can be added to protect the devices from voltage transients and short circuits. Fully dimensioned drawings are available upon request from the Chippenham Factory.

Thus, the diode can be viewed as an electronic version of a check valve. The customer is in the focus We want to make sure that customer is the center of attention. Devices with blocking voltages from V up to 6kV are available making them ideal for applications with line voltages up to 2kV.


DSEK A: Rectifier diode TOAD V at reichelt elektronik

A custom built assembly can be provided when a standard solution is not suitable. In a circuit this current slope, in conjunction with parasitic inductances e.

These parts are particularly suitable for use as anti-parallel diodes in Gate Turn-Off thyristors and Fast Thyristor inverters, diodes for choppers.

Due to high switching frequencies, harmonics and line distortion may be generated. dse,

Application and Engineering Support Our highly experienced technical team is on hand to provide our customers with first class support for everything from the application of our range of discrete devices to the design and development of complex systems.

They have a stable short circuit failure mode which, as well as safety benefits, makes them an ideal choice for medium and high voltage applications where series connection is required.

Discretes | Manufacturer IXYS & Product Length 16.26mm

Package Style Outline drawings on pages O Bar clamps are vsek for devices with 19 mm to mm diameter mounting surfaces ad kgf to kgf clamping forces. Fluke, Mikroelektronika, Knipex and Logitech. They feature an ultra fsek R DS onminimizing conduction losses, and promoting improved operating and thermal efficiencies.

All zones at the edges which are decisive for the blocking stability are coated with passivation glasses the coefficient of expansion of which match that of silicon.