The DS12C Real Time Clock plus RAM is designed as a direct upgrade As such, the DS12C is a complete subsystem replacing 16 components in a. DS12C Maxim Integrated Real Time Clock datasheet, inventory, & pricing. The DS, DS, and DS12C real-time clocks (RTCs) are Pin Configurations and Ordering Information appear at end of data sheet. WWW. Y.

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RTC DS12C887

When V CC is applied to the. When the SET bit is 0, the update transfer functions works normally and the clock is updated once per second. Therefore, the user should avoid interrupt service routines that would cause the time needed. IRQ pin is in the high impedance state.

Registers C and D are read only. DSE is set to 1.

The MOT pin offers the flexibility to choose between two bus types. Motorola timing or as RD transitions high in the case of Intel timing. When the PIE bit is set to 1, periodic interrupts are generated. This pin is used to demultiplex the address and data. Writing a logic 1 to an interrupt-enable bit permits that interrupt to be initiated. Determination that the RTC initiated an interrupt is. The internal functions of the DS12C not affect. After the UIP bit goes high, the update transfer occurs.


When an interrupt event occurs, the relating flag bit is set to logic ddatasheet in Register C.

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C regardless of the voltage input on the V CC pin. Interfaced with software as RAM. The RD signal is the same definition as the. When the DS12C is in a write-protected state, all inputs. The SQW pin is xs12c887 output pin used to generate square waves of predefined frequencies. All bits which are set high are cleared.

Registers C and D are read-only. The IRQ pin gets clear either by the reset datasheett or by reading the C register.

Before writing any data the SET bit in register B should be made high. What is Web Browser. A second method uses the update-in-progress bit UIP in Register A to determine if the update cycle is in.

Interface GPS with Arduino.

The “don’t care” codes in all three alarm bytes create an interrupt every. When this pin is set to a 1, a square wave is produced at the SQW pin.


The periodic interrupt can be used with software counters to measure inputs, create. Mux’ed Address Valid Time to. Several methods of avoiding any possible. This bit is set to 1 whenever at least one of the interrupt occurs.

GND, Intel bus timing is selected. A positive going pulse on this pin serves to demultiplex the bus. The address map for the DS12C is shown in Figure 2. The three alarm bytes can be used in two. RTC 12C becomes active when a voltage greater than 4. The real time clock is. Once the frequency is selected, the output of the SQW pin can be turned on. RS3 bits in Register A establish the square wave output frequency.

The next update will occur at ms after the pattern is written. This pin is used to enable the two special updates when set to 1. When connected to GND or left disconnected, Intel.