Das wahre Drama des begabten Kindes has 37 ratings and 4 reviews. The „true“ Drama of the Gifted Child is a biography of the famous childhood researche. Martin Miller is the author of Das wahre Drama des begabten Kindes ( avg rating, 37 ratings, 4 reviews, published ) and L’essentiel d’Alice Mil. Buy Das wahre “Drama des begabten Kindes” by Martin Miller (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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Frau Brgabten rated it did not like it Oct 27, Having been strongly impressed by the book, Miller contacted Mehr in order to get the name of the therapist. Her first three books originated from research she took upon herself as a response to what she felt were major blind spots in her field.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. It was her contention that the majority of therapists fear this truth and that they work under the influence of interpretations culled begabtn both Western and Oriental religions, which preach forgiveness by the once-mistreated child.

Alice Miller (psychologist)

In April Miller announced in an interview with the German magazine Psychologie Heute Psychology Today her rejection of psychoanalysis. In my work with these people, I found that every one of them has a childhood history that seems significant to me:.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Sasha Mazur rated it it was amazing Aug 28, In her first book also published under the titles Prisoners of Childhood and The Drama of Being a ChildMiller defined and elaborated the personality manifestations of childhood trauma. No trivia or quizzes yet. What she called the “wall of silence” is the metaphorical wall behind which society — academia, psychiatrists, clergy, politicians and members of the media — has sought to protect itself: Schnuet rated it liked it Jul 01, She created a fictional character in her books and in mine she gets a real person, a man of flesh and blood.


Thou shalt not be aware: She addressed the two reactions to the loss of love in childhood, depression and grandiosity ; the inner prison, the vicious circle of contemptrepressed memoriesthe etiology of depression, and how childhood trauma manifests itself in the adult.

While she was able to smuggle her mother and sister out of the Ghetto, her father died in in the Ghetto. This ability is then extended and perfected. Books became her refuge. Society’s Betrayal of the Child. In Pictures of a Childhood: Brian rated it really liked it Nov 07, She believed that the philosophical system was flawed because Nietzsche was unable to make emotional contact with the abused child inside him.

Culture, Ideology, and the Story of Childhood. She also continued the autobiographical confession initiated in Banished Knowledge about begabtdn abusive mother.

She scrutinized Freud’s drive theorya device that, according to her and Jeffrey Massonblames the child for the abusive sexual behavior of adults. Archived from the original on She maintained that all instances of mental illnessaddictioncrime and cultism were ultimately caused by suppressed rage and pain as a result of subconscious childhood trauma that was not resolved emotionally, assisted by a helper, which she came to term an “enlightened witness.

It was her first critique of psychoanalysis, charging it with being similar to the poisonous pedagogies, which she described in For Your Own Good. Mariella Mehr Katharina Rutschky.

Alice Miller (psychologist) – Wikipedia

In some of her paintings, Miller depicted baby Alice as swaddledsometimes by an evil mother. Lists with This Book. Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the kindse of violence. Hardcoverpages.

Martin Miller (Author of Das wahre “Drama des begabten Kindes” )

Das wahre “Drama des begabten Kindes”: Isabelle rated it really liked it Feb 15, Breaking down the walls of silence. The key element that Miller elucidated in this book was the understanding of why the German nation, the “good Germans,” were compliant with Hitler’s abusive regime, which Miller asserted was a direct result of how the society in general treated its children.


Return to Book Page. This explained why the command “Honor thy parents” was one of the main targets in Miller’s school of psychology.

But exactly the opposite is the case She believed that forgiveness did not resolve hatred, but covered it in a dangerous way in the grown adult: Breaking down the walls of silenceop. Refresh and try again. Trivia About Das wahre “Drama Miller s’est range du cote des mouvements autoritaires de la psychanalyse- il ne faut pas faire de mal aux parents.

Annemarie Zurel rated it really liked it Feb 22, Das wahre “Drama des begabten Kindes”.

Written in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin WallMiller took to task the entirety of human culture. Gerardo Perez rated it it was amazing Apr 18, Miller even argued for abandoning the term “pedagogy” in favor of the word “support,” something akin to what psychohistorians call the helping mode of parenting.

In the s, Miller strongly supported a new method developed by Konrad Stettbacher, who himself was later charged with incidents of sexual abuse. It is a pointer in Miller’s thoroughgoing apostasy from kinves own profession—psychoanalysis. They divorced in Miller first stated that his mother intervened, but later that she did not intervene.

For other people named Alice Miller, see Alice Miller disambiguation. Be the first to ask a question about Das wahre “Drama des begabten Kindes”.