Runceanu Sabin studies Moldova, Philosophical Counseling, and Migration History. IOAN DAMASCHIN more. by Mircea Ramurean Ioan – Istoria bisericeasca universalamore. by Mircea Dogmatica Sf. silvestru de Canev vol 5more. by Mircea. 1 SF. IOAN GURĂ DE AUR, Scrieri – partea întâi. Omilii la Facere (I), in vol. 2 SF. IOAN DAMASCHIN, Dogmatica, translated by Pr. Dumitru Fecioru, Editura.

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Therefore, at EphesusEutyches was condemned and implicitly approved also.

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Give me a break. Eu ma refeream la partea spirituala si morala. At first you claimed that the Coptic cult has an Orthodox phronema, and only Pope Shenouda and Metrop. Problema tanarului bogat era atasarea acestuia fata de bunurile lumii, fata de avere, iar ceea ce ii lipsea era impreuna simtire cu aproapele, iubirea fata de semeni. The Robber Council approved of Eutyches and proclaimed one nature after union, which is heretical. St Cyril was Orthodox in thought, but Severus and his followers denaturate this and try to make him seem heretic.

It is very clear Dioscorus and Severus believed God was fully human and fully divine without alteration, without confusion, and without mixing. Pope Shenouda was not against the Coptic language.

Fiecare a crescut cu anumite conceptii,cu anumite repulsii fata de alte confesiuni,dar nimeni nu sta sa cerceteze si sa se intrebe Really, this discussion ceases to be theological and starts drifting into other stuff. The next generation of Orthodox will read this and those with simple minds will see nothing but Pharisees debate each other over terminological differences.


Sfantul Ioan Damaschin – Dogmatica

Ortodoxia -singura Biserica adevarata. They reaffirmed Nicea, Constantinople, and Ephesus as Orthodox and binding councils 2.

They also said the following: John of Damascene describes in what way they are orthodox ,refers to issues not pertaining to Christology. Subsequentlywe presented the following reasons why this theory is not consumed with the patristic and synodal tradition:.

Se pare ca Bisericile Orientale Ortodoxe nu au suficient curaj in a recunoaste categoric si deplin hotararile Sinodului al IV-lea ecumenic, probabil si imprejurarilor istorice date, iar celelalte Biserici Ortodoxe intarzie ratificarea oficiala a dialogului.

As I see it, this discussion is starting to turn circular, as we revert to facts already discussed and clarified. Athanasios is teaching you, then he needs to go to the doctor to rule out a stroke from his reading comprehension. You can present your argument. For we are composed of body and soul and we perceive two natures; there is one nature of the body, and a different nature of the soul, and yet one man from both of them in terms of the union.

If you read in greek or in roumanian you can understand that the copts are heretics to Sever of Antioch: He attempts to certify damascihn orthodoxy by calling upon the witness of theologians ,such as Prof. Dumitru Staniloae si pr. In fact, the first person who confessed that there was no confusion or mixture was Dioscorus himself at Chalcedon: Venirea lui Hristos pe pamant a fost, printre altele,si pentru a ne fi un exemplu de urmat. Cele 10 porunci au fost scrise de Dumnezeu pe table de piatra pentru a nu le putea modifica nimeni.


Sfantul Ioan Damaschin – Dogmatica : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Astfel, Biserica Ortodoxa Romana a fost prima Biserica, care a aprobat oficial acest dialog dupa I read the letters of Chalcedon. Doctrinele eretice ale cultului copt nu sunt limitate la papa Shenouda.

One cannot argue otherwise. I guess this is it.

In this letter, it is written: But we cannot defer from stating the truth, just because some disagree. Severus very clearly teaches the full humanity and full divinity of Christ, each nature preserving its respective properties, energies damaschhin wills. Ea cuprinde 10 porunci.