Hello, Im french, sorry for my bad english. I whant à auto-generate thumb for my PDF I have à wrong message! Error it’s attachments. Bye. DOCman manages downloadable documents in Joomla. Organize files across Automated thumbnail generation for uploaded files. Every image file will get a. To use DOCman List you would have to type in {docmanlist. of your categories don’t have any documents in them, then you can hide the empty ones automatically . Description: This will allow you to customize the Thumbnail column label.

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An issue has been resolved which was causing Intellisense to not recognise keywords within phrases. Show Number of Documents: An enhancement has been made in the User Settings that now allows you to designate a user as a read-only user. Select Yes if you want to use Default License for all documents uploaded at Front-end. If it is on neither list, then the user will be prompted for confirmation of filing an unsupported document type. An issue has been resolved in which Doman documents without a Folder specified in the meta data would not file with the folder automatically assigned based on the Department name selected.

This configure option will not apply to Simple Upload form. We received a request from a site to provide a way of restricting which users can and cannot annotate documents in the Workflow Intray. Do you want to active Rss feed at front-end of Edocman. Do you want to show Meta keyword, description fields in Document Upload form at front-end side?

The actual result was that the most recent revisions were not being shown and it was only showing the one that was added in Batch Manager.

Configuration | Edocman Documentation

This issue has been resolved by adding a validation step to the audit restoration process. A change has been made within Docman where if a document has been annotated in both standard and iWorkflow, a new revision for the document will be automatically created. An error has been fixed that would occur when a site would try to launch Docman that does not have a workstation licence assigned and there are none free.


The status can be one of the four values: If the current user chooses to log out of vision, they will be prompted by Docman to switch user. This is now fixed, and only the selected text will be entered. Do you want to show Alias field in Document Upload form at front-end side? An error has been fixed that was occurring after using the Erase Tool on a document from the Workflow Intray and then saving the annotation.

Related documents is the same author: The user will be notified via a system notification in Docman. An audit will be written if the date is changed, cleared or thujb set.

Docman 75000

You can setup the Width size in pixel of Document thumbnail images. Within the Workflow the Quick Filter will now allow the user to filter their workflow view by due date. Also, collection profiles can no longer be deleted. Enter number words of document short description you want to show in Documents listing, leave zero 0 if you want to show all short description Show Publish Date: An issue has been resolved that caused dkcman error when trying to open documents from EMIS Web on a workstation using the Lightweight Viewer.

If sites upgrade from We have added additional flags in the Workflow list. The log will contain the ID, type description, Docman user, Windows user, workstation name, date and information fields.

Do you want to add aliases of all nested categories or last one only. Edocman supports 2 ways to upload single documents. This question will only be asked if there are non-migrated deleted messages present. Related documents have same category: Enhancements have been made to the Audit within Docman which means whenever patient related information is accessed, for example: Use Herachical Folder Structure: Number columns in Grid view: An issue has been resolved that affected the editing of existing user doccman to associate a Clinical User.

Enhancements have been made in Docman where when in the Filing screen and Workflow Intray, users now have options to erase or stamp sections of TIFF documents. A change has been made to the Docman Login screen where it now displays the following: If set to Yes, when a public user tries to download a document, the system will prompt a popup to collect name and email before allow them to download.


This function is very useful when your system has many administrators. Show social sharing buttons: Fix to address an error which occurred after annotating in Batch Manager.

Erasing a section of a document will write a document annotation audit with the text Eraser tool used on a document. So you can only set this configre option to No if your site template load twitter bootstrap already.

The workflow SQL has been rewritten and the workflow load speed is now increased. Enter number words of document short description you want to show in Categories listing, leave zero 0 if you want to show all short description Sub-categories Show sub-categories icon: This was happening upon the initial loading of the workflow screen.

The exception was being put through when attempting to check if the document was allowed to be filed into Docman. If set to Yes, when a category has no thumbnail image uploaded, default category thumbnail the folder icon will be displayed.

If the user summarised the document before the background filing process got around to filing the same document, the summariser would mark the document as already filed to the clinical system. A change has been made to sites in Scotland which basically means that; the Computer Misuse Act will not appear on the launch of Rhumb as this is not a legal requirement.

Number words of category description to be shown: If the workstation is Docma 7 or above the version of the.