Kenku are a fictional race of bird-like, humanoid creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. They have appeared in multiple editions in the. Benefit: You gain a +3 to attack rolls while flanking instead of +2, or you grant a + 3 bonus to attack rolls or skill checks when aiding another instead of the normal. So I signed up for D&Di to play with the character builder and noticed that Kenku is playable race. After reading a little bit about them online.

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What’s fun about it?

Also, kenku make amazing shadow dnc. Log in or sign up in seconds. This is all well and good. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Who has ACTUALLY played a kenku?

Check out our Getting Started Guide! Submit a dmd text post. I like the Kenku, I like the picture drawn and I like the options when playing them. Whatever changed them, forced them to band together.

Kenku | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Dark Sun Dark Sun: Do not use URL shorteners. Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide: Do they try to mediate and help you a bit, or are you left to your own devices on how you get about? They first appeared in the 3rd Monster Manual, and then received an “Ecology of the Kenku” article in Dragon Magazinewith a kenku-focused adventure appearing in Dungeon Magazine They have appeared in multiple editions in the game’s history [2] [3] [4] and became an official playable race in Volo’s Guide to Monsters.


But the kenku were lazy, feckless and untrustworthy, and they broke their promise to worship and revere him, for which the angry Demon Prince of the Skies stole their ability to fly, transforming them into their current form.

Instead it comes from “the particular combination of sounds, with specific pitch and resonance”. Kenku characters tend toward neutrality; although most kenkus are evil, neutral and neutral good kenkus also exist.

They remind me of grackles, in a way, adapting to the refuse of society in order to survive—and even thrive. I will definitely discuss it with my DM to see what we can work out. Kenkus evolved from avians, although they no longer possess wings or the ability to fly. For now, in the 1st Edition days, Kenku are mischevious creatures who habitually use their innate powers to annoy and inconvenience humans.

I’d want to think about Scrolls. This is a good read – as I have created a Kenku Fey Pact Warlock I can’t wait to play – but haven’t been too sure how to handle it.

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. A kenku spell caster would be great to roleplay, since indeed they have to hear a spell cast to cast it, but only once.

A group of kenku fought to possess a silver statue in “Tamara Belongs to Me,” one of the adventure cards in From the Ashes December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned. It’s mostly just like playing a flightless Aarakocra with cool mimicry powers.

Kenku Lineage (4e Feat) – D&D Wiki

But—these Kenku had magical powers and could fly and even communicate with each other telepathically. Reset Fields Log in. A network of kenku spies calling themselves the Nightswift has infiltrated various kenki cities across Khorvaire. Click here to edit contents of this page.


Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. A 2HD Kenku had no inborn magical powers save the magic resistance but did possess thieving abilities and the ability to pass as a human for the most part. Also note our banned subjects list. In these editions, Kenku clerics usually venerated Vecna. Kenku – Poorly thought out race no matter how cool I like the Kenku, I like the picture drawn and I like the options when playing them.

All images must be original content, must include [OC] or [Art] in the title, and must be accompanied by a description in the comments of at least characters. To be honest, it’s that last part that I can’t get my head around. The kenku most recently appears in the fifth edition in the Monster Manual[12] the Dungeon Master’s Guide[13] and as a playable race in Volo’s Guide to Monsters. They came in several flavors: Aphorite – Duskwalker – Ganzi.

Results 1 to 10 of Imitatores Sapiens, Followers of Wisdom Perfection is a path, not a destination. They’re from Monster Manual 2. Do not attempt to call anyone out.

Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. How do you roleplay something that’s incapable of thinking for itself? Please read the rules wiki page for a more detailed break-down of each rule. I have only ever played Rangers and ,enku and would like to get away from both classes.