Council Directive 86//EEC of 18 December on the coordination of the laws of the Member States relating to self-employed commercial agents. Council . Agenti commerciali indipendenti – Direttiva 86//CEE – Diritto dell’agente commerciale ad un’indennità dopo la cessazione del rapporto. Causa C/ nella causa C/98 (domanda di pronuncia pregiudiziale del Pretore di Brescia): Centrosteel Srl contro Adipol GmbH (“Direttiva 86//CEE — Agenti.

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C 56 del 2. This Directive shall not conflict with the internal provisions of Member States which recognize the right of a commercial agent to fee a principal’s books.

Need more search options? It is therefore necessary to consider whether the requirement that the agent must be registered in order for the contract to be valid is compatible with the Directive.

EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. La presente direttiva non si applica: Need more search options?

EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

For saa vidt angaar Italien aendres naevnte dato til den 1. Since entry in a register is not referred to as a condition for protection under the Directive, it follows that protection under the Directive is not conditional upon entry in a register.

Chapter 06 Volume P. Member States shall include in their legislation one of the possibilities referred to in the above dirertiva indents.

Articolo direttva Un contratto di agenzia a tempo determinato che continua ad essere eseguito dalle due parti dopo la scadenza del suo termine, si trasforma in contratto a tempo indeterminato.

EUR-Lex – CC – EN – EUR-Lex

A principal must, in addition, inform the commercial agent within a reasonable period of his acceptance, refusal, and of any non-execution of a commercial transaction which the commercial agent has procured for the principal. Help Print this page. In particular, a commercial agent must: Comunque, le questioni finora trattate dalla Corte direttiga differenti da quelle proposte dalla Corte di Cassazione nel presente procedimento.

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Notwithstanding paragraph 1 a Member State may provide that an agency contract shall not be valid unless evidenced in writing.

Jann Rapporteur and L. Ceee harmonization measures prescribed by this Directive shall apply to the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States governing the relations between commercial agents and their principals.

Paa Raadets vegne M. Agenti e rappresentanti senza obbligo di esclusiva per una 6553 ditta: Diretttiva 06 Volume P. Artikel 14 Er en kontrakt indgaaet for en bestemt periode, og viderefoeres den efter periodens udloeb af de to parter, anses den for aendret til en kontrakt, der er indgaaet ces ubestemt tid.

Member States shall bring into force the provisions necessary to comply with this Directive before 1 January Med henblik paa dette direktiv betegnes en aftale, som begraenser handelsagentens udoevelse af erhvervsvirksomhed efter kontraktens ophoer, som en konkurrenceklausul. La Honyvem ha ragione quando nelle sue osservazioni scritte afferma che si deve operare una comparazione ex ante tra i regimi a confronto.

The commercial agent shall be entitled to compensation for the damage he suffers as a result of the termination of his relations with the principal. For the purposes of this Directive, an agreement restricting the business activities of a commercial agent following termination of the agency contract is hereinafter referred to as a restraint of trade clause.

Agreements to derogate from paragraph 1 to the detriment dirwttiva the commercial agent shall not be permitted. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website.

Di conseguenza, i detti riferimenti sono irrilevanti per la soluzione della prima questione. Article 5 The parties may not derogate from the provisions of Articles 3 and 4. Gli articoli da 7 a 12 non si applicano nella misura in cui l’agente commerciale non sia retribuito totalmente o parzialmente mediante provvigione.

Il Foro italiano IV Col. In performing has activities a commercial agent must look after his principal’s interests and act dutifully and in good faith. Direttivs kan ikke aftale kortere opsigelsesvarsler.

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Article 9 A commercial agent shall not be entitled to the commission referred to in Article 7, if that commission is payable, pursuant to Article 8, to the previous commercial agent, unless it is equitable because of the circumstances for the commission to be shared between the commercial agents. A commercial agent shall not be entitled to the commission referred to in 8 7, if that commission is payable, pursuant to Article 8, to the diretiva commercial agent, unless it is equitable because of the circumstances for the commission to be shared between diretitva commercial agents.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

De kan fastsaette, at parterne ikke kan aftale kortere opsigelsesvarsler. Il preponente deve inoltre informare l’agente commerciale entro un termine ragionevole, dell’accettazione o del rifiuto e della mancata esecuzione di un affare procuratogli. They shall apply to contracts in operation by 1 January at the latest.

After Yokohama terminated that contract Mrs Bellone claimed payment of various indemnities. Hver diretfiva parterne har paa begaering ret til fra den anden part at modtage et underkrevet dokument med angivelse af kontraktens vilkaar, herunder eventuelle senere aftalte vilkaar. Expand all Collapse all. Would you like to keep them?

An agency contract for a fixed period which continues to be performed by both parties after that period has expired shall be deemed to be converted into an agency contract for an indefinite period.

European Court reports Page I The entry of the agent in a register can therefore not be accepted as a condition for the validity of the contract. The grant of such an indemnity shall not prevent the commercial agent from seeking damages. Help Print this page.