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Hot-rolled products in weldable fine grain structural steels; part 2: delivery conditions for normalized/normalized rolled steels; German version EN Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DINWelding of reinforcing steel – Part 1: Execution of welding operations (FOREIGN STANDARD)-This standard deals with the requirement for .

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However, this is not necessarily the case if there is a vapour barrier between the concrete and its environment. Page 8 DIN For dated references, subsequent amendment to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this standard only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision. Characteristic values 40991- strength and strain for normal-weight concrete. Page 53 DIN When analysing existing structures, design resistance may also be determined empirically.

Design model for calculation of effective eccentricity 7 e 2 shall be determined on the basis of subclause 8. Page 10 DIN DAfStb-Heft gives details regarding the calculation of the equivalent height of isolated compression members.

The independent actions on the structure shall be deemed to be combined, depending on the design situation, making reference to DIN where combinations of actions are to be considered. In non-linear analysis, g P shall be represented by an upper limiting value, equal to 1,2, or lower limiting value, equal to 0,83 whichever is least favourabletaking into account cracking or any gaping joints in the case of segmental structures. Special requirements relating to storage of precast elements shall be specified in the drawings and erection instructions.

Moment coefficients and moment distribution widths. Application of equivalent geometrical imperfections.

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The capacity of the structure to sustain loads and transfer them internally shall be verified using a suitable method e. Approximate effective spans for calculation of effective flange width. Partial safety factors to determine the resistance at ultimate limit state.


Page 31 DIN In case of doubt, the German-language original should be consulted as the authoritative text. Compressive stresses shall be given negative signs in equation Where relevant, these properties also apply with regard to tensile and compressive stresses.

Maximum reinforcing bar spacing as a function of the design crack width. Page 28 DIN General shrinkage strain of normalweight concrete for t approaching infinity. Minimum thickness vin loadbearing walls.

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In the absence of other assumptions being made, these effects shall be taken into account di assuming geometrical imperfections see subclause 8. The concrete parameters required for their design shall then be dih from the provisions given in subclause 9.

Possible distribution of strain in reinforcement and prestressing steel at the ultimate limit state 4 In cross sections remaining in compression, the compressive strain at point C shall dij not greater than ec2 or elc2 from table 9 or Such methods may be applied in the design of the unaffected parts of beams and slabs after cracking see subclause Types of isolated column.

Critical section near an opening. By way of simplification, l may be calculated from the design values of the bending moment and the respective shear force: In such cases, there is no need to determine the structurally indeterminate moment due to prestressing, since the action-effects due to prestressing cannot be distinguished from those due to loading.

Edge reinforcement at the free edges of slabs. If the member bracing the compression member forms part of 409-1 structure of the type shown in fin 11 bit shall be checked whether the assumption of an inclination of the structure including members with and without a bracing function to the target axis as specified in subclause 7. The loadbearing capacity of the overall cross section does not need to be assumed to be less than that of the webs of height h and with a strain distribution as shown in figure Page 20 DIN This is taken into account by use of the following design values: Coefficients of friction and roughness factors.


Tying system providing 499-1 accidental actions floor plan. Connection of flange and web. Minimum requirement classes as a dih of exposure class. Arrangement, minimum spacing and minimum concrete cover of bundles of bars.

Page 27 DIN It is obtained by means of equations 65 and Previous editions DIN This standard deals with the requirement for welding between reinforcing steels and with other steels. When applying non-linear methods and when using plastic methods to determine the required rotation, prestressing shall be treated as pre-strain with corresponding precurvature.

Parabolic-rectangle stress-strain curve 2 The design unconfined concrete compressive strength, fcd, obtained by means of equation 409-1shall be used as the basis for design for the ultimate limit state: The following shall apply for dkn w,nom where there are adjacent ungrouted or unbonded tendons: This applies to the design for bending or bending with coexistent axial force, design for shear, the provisions with respect to anchorages and for curtailment of reinforcement.

Top and bottom corner reinforcement.