The razing of Melos, and the selling of its inhabitants into slavery, was not a ” Strutture e funzione del dialogo in Tucidide e in PseudoSenofonte”, In , La . El diálogo de los melios es un pasaje perteneciente al Libro V () de la Historia de la Guerra del Peloponeso, escrita por el historiador griego Tucídides. Přečtěte si nejlepší citáty od autora Tucídides. Para el político ateniense homónimo, véase Tucídides. Tucídides fue un h.

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Tucixides the basic assumption must be called into question—and the Thucydidean scholar has to ask if there are progressions of thought and attitude in the work, and if so, how they affect the reader.

Trusting he was right in his resolution [gignoskein] not to go out against the enemy, he convened dialoog assembly or other gathering of them lest they come together under the influence of passion rather than reason, and blunder out. Surely this appeal was used in the s. But his theme is the suffering of war—what happens to individuals and cities when events move beyond their control, and when they are confronted with the greatest dislocations. Taubler, Die Archdoiogie des Thukydides.

The war as projected through the speeches of the first book is a chess game, logical and remote, a testing ground of ideas and strategies.

Guthrie’s section on the Sophists in his History of Greek Philosophy, vol. We may be able to pry out figures about sales and circulation. The tension that we have detected under the surface throughout the first book persists, then, even at the very end.

The factors that have shaped Greek history in the past are the ones upon which Pericles tucididrs his strategy. But above all it was the shattering experience of the Vietnam War that made me reconsider the Histories.

Thucydides passes over the earlier discussion of negotiations to concentrate on this occasion; he is more interested in the relationship between Pericles and his audience than in the proposed approach to Sparta.


It does 6 Introduction not describe what scientists do, still less what historians do, nor does it account for the recurring paradox of the Histories: Before describing the next step—the Peloponnesian League’s 31 1.

The polarization that had 3 This shift in Thucydidean criticism is discussed in greater detail in “A Post Modernist Thucydides? An investigation of their attitude and those of their allies could do dialogi to balance the emphasis on quantitative factors that has prevailed up to this point. EtiYXEiiiai, used at the end of 1. The Melians argue that their Spartan kin will come to their defense.

Frases de Tucídides (76 citas) | Frases de famosos

History of the Peloponnesian War5. Thucydidean scholarship in the s and s became intensely aware of this paradox. It is an anatomy of power based on a view of man’s nature.

Thus Thebes seems to have had quite limited objectives in the war, and to have been willing at first to make only a modest commitment to the Peloponnesian side.

It points to Athens, not to Sparta.

Siege of Melos

Moreover, it lets the reader see how these rather abstract and general considerations apply in specific historical 33 N. The historian was not far from the scientist, if, like Thucydides, he was willing to detach himself from personal involvement about the events he described.

We tuccidides infer that the text was written by a complex and intense individual, but one who tells us very little about himself. Note also Theramenes in Lysias The language of The second has a smaller degree of guesswork.

Siege of Melos – Wikipedia

He could always be outvoted or repudiated. With a hint of sarcasm Thucydides affirms the sincerity of the Spartan concern about the gods, but goes on to observe that the Spartans knew that Pericles was related to the guilty ones on his mother’s side and thought that if he were removed Athenian affairs might make easier progress. It says nothing meos the widespread rumor that Pericles had bribed King Pleistoanax mslos Sparta to withdraw his army from Attica.

This view persisted through the fifth century and even later, at least in 8 See E.


Immediately another trireme went off, with eagerness, to avoid finding the city destroyed if the previous trireme got there first. They had no claim on Athenians either by kinship or by past services. When Thebes sent a larger force against the city, the Plataeans asked for help from their tucifides, Athens, and prepared for a siege.

The iteration of expressions for necessity in -tea echoes Sthenelaidas in On 5f 6ev to indicate sarcasm see Classen-Steup ad loc. And so there was great eagerness of this voyage, so much so that they ate as they rowed, barley mixed with wine and oil.

Such assertions have some validity when strictly applied to the rhetorical figure of irony see E. Sparta has convened her allies in the Peloponnesian League and invited other states that feel Athens has 36 “Irony is not a characteristic of the Thucydidean narrative” says H. Hence, from Pericles’ point of view all depends upon Athenian willingness to implement and adhere to this strategy.

They are expected to be tough-minded and unsentimental in their approach to questions of conduct and value. Egermann, “Thukydides iiber die Art seiner Reden und iiber seine Darstellung der Kriegsgeschehnisse,” Histori a 21 The former ship did not sail with eagerness on an errand that might provoke retribution, while this one hastened on in the fashion described. But just as it is a mistake to confuse the text with the personality of the author, it is dangerous to confuse the writer with his audience, or to identify the attitudes or expectations of the one with those of the other.

The work has transformed itself. At the public level [demosiai] they were persuaded by his words and sent no further embassies to Sparta.