In this section, you’ll find a complete walkthrough plus boss strategies, and a catalogue of the important treasures and/or items for every area. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Xenogears for PlayStation. If you’ve discovered a cheat you’d. Xenogears → Detonado #44 As Elementais insistem em querer tentar nos parar. The owner of this video has deleted this video, or it has been set to.

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Once you have entered Elly’s house in solaris you can get a special weapon for Elly.

Xenogears → Detonado #54 Relíquia Anima 1 e Formação Elementais!

Go back to the old capital and step on the circular stone under the arch. Defeat this one and Deus can’t heal. To do this, simply select Player-1’s gear and press the X button to select Player-2’s gear. If you wander around you will find a store full of Chu-Chus. You can do this at least 3 times before the merchant tells you to leave. Fei will pull up a fish with the Dark Stone in it’s mouth. When you select the option of “Practice” in the Kislev Battle Arena, you and xemogears opponent can use the same Gear.

Use your best level one combos for both Fei and Bart, hopefully huting the huge gear. One has a Chu-Chu idol that Chu-Chu can equip when she joins you, and the other one has a ton of goodies.


This is a useful tip for playing disk 2 of Xenogears. Deus is in the green pit. But make sure when you leave the area like open a door to go somewhere else you close the lid on your PlayStation first. Remember not to take out your best 3 fighters for orb fights. You’ll meet an old woman who will sell you some Spider Web unless you got the web in the beginning of the game and tell you to fish in the fountain.

Take, sell, reapeat as necesary. Right after the emperor has given his speech to the Solarians, Fei and Elly are spotted by some security cubes and chased into the sewers. Keep doing this until everyone is at attack level 3 then let her have it – she will die All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Go to Bonus Battling. Nortune – Battling and the Sewer Monster Chapter Many strategies exist for him, although the best one is to take out at least some of the surrounding orbs first.

These creatures were plentiful in disk 1 but now they are quite rare. In the character selection, Argento will be to the left of Weltall. Black Defonado Forest Chapter 4: With proper equipment you detinado end up winning easily. When you reach the Disc 2 scenario ‘First and Last’, it’s time to win the game.


After Shevat crashes to earth and all the continents are messed up, in about the middle there will be a fairly large fairly empty contenint. The codes are as follows:.

Xenogears Shrine – Walkthrough

Johnny allows you to leave Merkava, do so at your own risk. While in the secret base which houses “Goliath” you will undoubtedly encounter gears surrounded by mechanics which repair them. Make sure you have a healer in your party and just keep doing the deathblow moves over and over and over.

At the end of the passage, you’ll find a hole. Remember that pressing Select lets you view the map. Deus can’t drain your fuel anymore. After every one of your attacks, he’ll counter attack, but that isn’t really a problem.

The explosion is lethal but the party can escape before Hamar blows up. During Disc 2, you’ll come across a huge “alien life form that had been petrified for thousands of years”.

To get infinite ammo for Billy first you will need 2 guns. Soon he’ll die and victory is yours. Exit the train and head up the stairs.