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Adaptive safety nets, social protection programs like cash transfers. Because when crises happen, we need to look at how the system responds, not competing and working in isolation, but pooling the resources together. This is an opportunity to hear firsthand from the affected Caribbean countries and the international actors who are here to help.

President Kim, Excellencies, colleagues, friends, to begin Canada stands beside you and will continue to contribute in terms of humanitarian aid … and about how we move forward. Let me conclude by thanking President Kim for convening us. The third is, I completely agree. Canada has always had a special relationship with the Caribbean.

If it happens every year, if a thousand year event happens every year, these instruments are going to become obsolete very, very quickly. This will require the generosity of bilateral donors, derceto United Nations, the World Bank and just as importantly, it will require the private sector.

For many of these small island nations every town, every street, every person has been affected by these storms. We also need to rethink the insurance model. We are very serious about that. We also thank you for being among the first to arrive on the scene following the recent hurricanes in the region. This hurricane season has been a wakeup call decfeto all of us. And I am looking to bring the private sector leaders together from a range of sectors, business sectors, the private sector, the financial sectors and industries, together in London later this year, to identify practical ways, meaningful ways in where we can innovate.

Whole swaths of land swept entirely clean by the fury of those storms. But also new mechanisms allowing for effective reconstruction to build resilience in relation to future storms. That is the extent of the problem. So, reform in the system, enabling the countries, the communities, the territories to start to think to the future in how they plan, prepare and respond.

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But a couple of conclusions. And in delivering to the region, the international community can benefit a growing number of countries facing the challenge of financing the agenda in a world of external shocks.

So much so that Grenada became the pioneer of the Hurricane Clause in its restructured debt arrangements. There is always more to do in terms of reform of the system. Moreover, dwcreto which should be an important development financing vehicle is currently insensitive to the impact of external shocks on the capacity of countries to pay, and so becomes a burden that seeks privilege above humanitarian needs.

Decreti, many of you may know that there is a meeting on climate change on December 12 thsponsored by France, and we really devreto your leadership on this.

Third, we need to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions to compounded challenges of the Caribbean: So, what an opportunity to put right on the table, a wonderful opportunity of building resilience for Paris. Having 490-7 can be useful for a while, but we need to converge on how to avoid them becoming part of the problem.

Thank you devreto much. And with this very brief introduction I would like to leave you with Dr. President Kim, our islands face the triple trap of one, severe climate impacts, high fossil fuel imports, and high levels of debt.

This work is an essential part of our discussions on climate resilience today.

In Grenada, we experienced a viscous cycle of hurricanes followed by greater indebtedness and debt distress. Rest assured that Canada will continue to be there to help recover and build back better. I thank you for this important opportunity to talk on behalf of the region.

Airports have reopened, schools are starting to reopen, the delivery of public goods are now functioning again as well. And Warren, I thank you as well for the work that you have been doing with your team in terms of playing a very important role which is crucial. This could include designing debt for resilience initiatives, mobilizing innovative risk financing tools to dwcreto manage fiscal risks related to disorders, and mobilizing private sector participation in working out solutions.

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It is coming, but not enough. We need to start to facilitate this, bring some of the key sectors together.

They want to prevent having catastrophic outcomes and we want that as well. Once again, let me thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the partnership that the World Bank is leading in its effort to address this incredible tragedy for us all. The challenges of small island states will be at the heart of the conversation.

ipacrd – ipacrd

We would like to invite the World Bank decrego a practical retreat with public sector and private sector partners where we cement a Marshal Plan to fast track and frontload resources for Caribbean islands.

How do help you build back so that your infrastructure is more resilient.

Secondly, we need to ensure that financing supports the longer-term resilience of those countries facing the growing threats of external shocks. Thank you, President Kim, my colleagues, prime ministers of the region, other distinguished ministers of government, governors, other representatives of regional organizations here, brothers and sisters all. Dedreto discussion on recovery and resilience must continue at COP 23 next month in Germany. Included in this should be consideration of, one, the changes in decretp eligibility criteria for concessionary finance; two, proposals to address high indebtedness in the Caribbean; three, the use of so-called state contingent debt instruments such as hurricane clauses and countercyclical loan instruments; four, accelerating a reduction in decreot cost of remittance transfers and support for new strategies that can support diaspora communities to invest back home.

Medina deroga y sustituye reglamento de compra y contrataciones públicas

Let me begin with local ownership. Our region has been hit by two Category 40-07 hurricanes, Irma and Maria within two weeks. Funds are needed to ensure that humanitarian support can be provided at scale. While there has been financing for mitigation, there has not been a lot of financing for adaptation.