04/30/ at p.m.; Recorded on April 30, , p.m.. 9 views. Materiais. Description. Estudo do decreto / Category Education. Show more. , de 12 abril , D.O.R.J., de [hereinafter Decreto No. ]. It S.A. (Petrobras), the company created in to carry out the activities of the monopoly.7 .. , de 24 de agosto de , D.O.U., de That is really no improvement from the prior standard, where Petrobras had the right by regulation (i.e., Decreto 2, of , see ) to.

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Indirect Public Administration comprises autonomous governmental agencies, regulatory agencies, public foundations, public consortia, public companies and mixed-capital companies.

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There is no express provision in the PPL. However, pterobras is more similar to an administrative agreement than to a concession agreement. The Public Administration may also revoke public procurement proceedings due to public interest reasons, duly justified and resulting from major adverse events.

States, the Federal District and Municipalities enact their own laws to regulate privatisation of their holdings and assets. The Bidding Committee checks only the technical proposals, when applicable, and qualification documents of the bidder that submitted the best price proposal.

In fact, PPPs in Brazil follow the ordinary types of concession agreements and service agreements 2754 some different aspects, especially the possibility of granting governmental subsidies to a private party. If the termination was not related to a default by the private party, it will have the right to be compensated from any losses it may have suffered.

As a rule, governmental agreements shall be in force for a month term, 7245 the PPL entitles the armed forces to execute agreements with a month term in some cases of direct procurement.

The aforementioned article also allows interested parties and contractors to file a complaint against a decision rendered by the Public Administration, when no other appeal is available besides requesting reconsideration of such decreot to Dedreto Ministry or to Municipality and State Secretaries, in cases the Public Administration declares the private party to lack good standing to enter into agreements with governmental entities.

Once the public procurement proceeding is performed, after the judgment of the tenders, the object of the proceeding shall be awarded to the winner of the competition, i. Competitive Bidding, Request for Quotation and Invitation to Bid must be necessarily applied to agreements regarding civil works, engineering services and other complex works, and the choice between them shall be made based on the work’s value. On the other hand, such law does not prohibit the use of arbitration, but only establishes certain mandatory rules such as ones concerning the competent venue where the dispute resolution should take place where the administrative entity petrobraas located and applicable language Portuguese.


Preparação concurso Petrobras – Aula 5

The inclusion in the bid document of clauses or rules that restrain the participation of interested parties is only accepted when such restriction is pertinent and suitable to the object of the public procurement proceeding.

The Bidding Committee cannot decide on the winning bidder or on debriefing bidders at its sole discretion or based on criteria different from those established in the request for tenders. Uruguay has updated their decreo laundering and terrorism laws affecting the free trade zones in the country. Also, it has been generally accepted that governmental entities may be submitted to arbitration in Brazil.

The governmental contracting agencies have been sending the bid documents for the prior analysis of the Courts of Audits.

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The PPL regulates the execution of government agreements for the purchase of goods or the rendering of services to Public Administration entities, as well as agreements petrobraa the sale of publicly-owned goods and assets. Technical proposals are usually required for more complex procurements and not applicable for the procurement of goods and services of low complexity.

The PPL provides for decreti values to define the types of public procurement proceedings that should be followed by the contracting entities and also the circumstances in which the procedure is dismissed, as further detailed in question 3.

If this bill is approved by the Brazilian Congress, the future law will impose several administrative penalties for companies and their representatives who practice corruption acts in the course of a bidding process.

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However, before starting public procurement proceedings the relevant contracting entity shall assess whether the public disbursements under the contract are in compliance with their budget allocation established in the Budget Law, which is approved by the Brazilian Congress on an annual basis. Real Estate and Construction. Administrative sanctions can be imposed in addition to any relevant criminal responsibility, since the PPL also establishes certain crimes that are applicable in relation to public procurement proceedings and during the execution of administrative agreements.

For administrative appeals and complaints described in question 5. The preference margin mentioned in question 1. The administrative improbity act is defined as illegal behaviour of public agents that results in unjust enrichment or undue advantage, to themselves or to a third party, which causes damage to a public asset or violates the principles of the Public Administration. All acts performed by public entities must be in compliance with the principles set forth by article 37 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution.

These penalties will involve the prohibition to participate in public procurement proceedings, to receive government incentives, besides the applicable civil and criminal liabilities. The CI-CP received the attribution of proposing and monitoring the application of the preference margin for national manufactured products and services, as well as the commercial, industrial and technological compensation measures, among other competences. It is yet to be analysed by the Brazilian Senate.


Xecreto, article of the PPL entitles bidders to file an administrative appeal against administrative acts that have: In the past, this was considered a controversial topic, based on the rationale that public interest considered a non-disposable right was at stake.

These general rules are regulated by supplementary laws for different sectors of infrastructure. Decrero utilisation has increased in recent years. A principle to be observed is that of the widest participation of interested parties in the proceeding.

The PPL and other laws mentioned in question 1. However, the rules set forth in international agreements, protocols, covenants or treaties approved by the Brazilian National Congress are also applied to the performance of construction works, rendering of services or acquisition of goods funded petrovras resources from financing or donations made by international cooperation agencies or multilateral financial organisations to which Brazil is a party.

According to article of the PPL, its rules are applied whenever they are applicable to conventions, agreements, arrangements and memoranda of understandings entered into by governmental entities with third parties, among the three branches Executive, Legislative and Judiciary or among organs and governmental entities within the same sphere of the Public Administration. The central concern of the Decree seems to be to give publicity to actions taken for the defense of human rights within the corporate environment.

During the execution of the administrative agreement, partial or complete default by the private party may cause the imposition of fines, warnings, temporary suspension from taking part in public procurement proceedings for no longer than two yearsbesides the statement of lack of good standing to enter into agreements with the Public Administration, until the private party’s discharge. The deadline for the reconsideration request, also detailed in question 5. There are no time limits provided by law and the workflow of each court highly affects the timing of the process.

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All existing draft bills are based on the assumption that the relationship between representatives and the constituency is inherent to democracy. Interested in the next Webinar on this Topic?

PPPs were introduced in Brazil as concession agreements of two different types: Once the administrative agreement is executed, the Public Administration can terminate it at its sole decision or create unilateral fecreto to the agreement.

It is a mere option that may be granted or not by the Public Administration, according to the complexity of the agreement’s object.