Faiths of Eberron () – Many Faiths, Many Truths In the world of Eberron, the reality of the gods depends on the belief of the followers. Contr. Complete Psionic (Dungeons Dragons D20 Fantasy of eberron (dungeons dragons d20 fantasy If looking for a book Faiths of Eberron. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more!.

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If they even exist at all is a question open for debate.

As a result, clerics have no alignment restrictions whatsoever. Invented by the il-Lashtavar as a way to control their population, the Path of Inspiration is propagated by the Inspired and is integrated into every element of Riedran society. Despite the cult’s overall evil alignment, there are many good-aligned members, who revere the undead as self-sacrificing eberrron in the war against death.

Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Views Read Edit View history.

Faiths of Eberron Excerpts

Cultists exist on KhorvaireAerenaland Xen’drik. The Path of Light was first developed by the de facto “mother” of the kalashtar, known as Taratai. The Silver Flame itself resides within the impressive Cathedral of the Silver Flame, around which the city of Eberrob is built and from which both the church and the nation of Thrane is governed.

After a period of research, Taratai discovered that the current Dream of the Age would eventually expire, and the one that will replace it will be one of joy and light.

A paladin embodies good, and must therefore be pure of heart and never stray from the fatihs of righteousness. Like most gods of Eberron, the Dark Six do not have any direct influence in the world, and there is no conclusive evidence that they even exist.

However, Taratai was inherently good, unlike her brethren, and felt at odds with the age into which she was created. This page was last edited on 14 Mayat The church is divided into three orders: In other words, as in other settings, a paladin in Eberron must be lawful good. The Undying Court is a neutral good pantheon of ancient deathless elves animated by positive rberron. Some seek to raise the dragon Khyber or release the daelkyrwhile others commune with fiends summoned from the underworld.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They are in particular conflict with the Inspired of Riedra. The templars are the warriors and exorcists, in charge of protecting the church by means of arms and spells. She is the daughter of an elf mother—the matriarch of House Vol—and a green dragon father. The Cults of the Dragon Below are a diverse group of generally neutral evil sects that revere the power of Khyberthe underground world.

Its domains are Law, Meditation, and Community, and its favored weapon is the flail. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. The Spirits of the Past are neutral. The cult’s domains are Death, Evil, Law and Necromancy, and the favored weapon is the dagger. Faiths of Eberron Excerpts. But to every worshiper, raiths divine presence manifests in miraculous magic, boons for the faithful, and undeniable holy power.

Their favored weapon is the unarmed strike. In practice, the Keeper of the Flame concerns herself mostly with spiritual matters, while the cardinals handle the workings of the church and government, sometimes in conflict with the wishes faitsh the Keeper.

Religions of Eberron

The favored weapon of the Keepers is the double scimitar. Miron, now an immortal known as the Voice of the Silver Flame, serves as the intermediary between the Silver Flame and mortals. New Feats Chapter 7: Many paladins belong to the faith and archery is a traditionally dd& discipline. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The elves of Aerenal seek their counsel and petition their favor. The Path posits that there are good spirits in the world, steering Riedra in the right direction, and there are bad spirits trying to corrupt them as well. Most followers are psions and psychic warriorsseeking to perfect themselves through meditation and communing with the light.

Most followers worship the Host as a whole, offering prayers to different deities in different situations. The head of the church is the Keeper of the Flame, a position currently held by eleven-year-old Jaela Daran.

DnD-Eberron – Faiths of Eberron.pdf

In Faiths of Eberronyou’ll find many faiths — and many truths. Terms of Use – Privacy Statement. Dark Sun Dark Sun: The pantheon as a whole is neutral good.

Cults of the Dragon Below Khyber Cult.

Spells in Faiths of Eberron – D&D Tools

A few seek faiiths promised land below the surface. The excerpts below include a list of feats, a cleric quick-reference, and most of Chapter 4, which covers the Blood of Vol. The court’s favored weapon is the scimitar. The idea that good people can do evil is a central concept in Eberron. Retrieved from ” https: You’ll ebwrron find intriguing details of lesser religions, such as the beliefs of the laconic warforged, the mad cults of the Dragon Below, and the various druid sects of the Eldeen Reaches.

The Blood of Vol is a lawful evil cult that reveres the ancient traditions of the elven line of Vol. With enough good acts and obedience, a person can ascend to join these spirits.