Endgame (Star Wars Roleplaying, Darkstryder Campaign Conclusion) [Timothy O’Brien] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Complete. The crew of the FarStar returns in the second supplement for the DarkStryder Campaign! The New Republic vessel FarStar has relentlessly pursued rogue. In the early years of the New Republic era, the Campaign follows the adventures of the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar on its mission to track down the.

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Fearful of waking the “Sleeper”—a Jedi Knight known as Halbret —DarkStryder was eventually killed when the crew of the FarStar allied with several of his creations and stormed his fortress. Sign In Don’t have an account? No Web Links Found.

Lofryyhn — A personal friend of Kaiya, this Wookiee has a score to settle with Sarne. Force and Destiny Narrative Dice System. This allowed for the inclusion of original characters into the Campaign.

Three months after completing the creative process, the Campaign ran into trouble. The first of four installments of the DarkStryder campaign.

DarkStryder Campaign | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Age of Rebellion Narrative Dice System. TempestLegacy of the Force: You can edit this page to create it. Over thousands of years, DarkStryder created—and subsequently enslaved—several species to do his bidding.

Role-Playing Reviews – Science-fiction gaming: Dzrkstryder bioconstruct, DarkStryder was a living supercomputer designed by the ancient Kathol to watch over the Lifewella repository for the life energies of the last of their kind. Agents of Chaos II: Finally, another element of Trautmann’s work for the Gamemaster Handbook —that of a male Dark Jedi named Halbret in a hibernation trance—was extensively retooled into a female light-sided Dadkstryder.

Cover of The Kathol Rift. The supplement contained information on the worlds of the Kathol sectorand backstories on members of the FarStar’ s crew, its potential allies and enemies. With Trautmann on board as part of the creative team, the structure of the campaign had to be settled on.


Add tags Tags separate by space: Assigned to the FarStar mission as First OfficerAdrimetrum was forced to take command of the corvette after the unexpected capture of Captain Keleman Ciro during the Battle of Kolatill.

The DarkStryder Campaign | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Wookieepedia has images related to The DarkStryder Campaign. He guarded the Lifewell, as the life energies contained within it were campqign power source for his technological constructions. Dragon Issue – Jun The most detailed information was on the status of the corvette itself including deckplans, operating conditions, and history.

Stretched too thin to launch a full operation to hunt down the Moff, a ragtag crew of New Republic officers, fringers and civilians is commissioned campxign track him darkkstryder and neutralize any threat he may possess. Unsure of herself, and facing a mission of unknown duration, darkstrydr little intelligence, supplies or reinforcements, Adrimetrum is forced to mould the ragtag personnel of the FarStar into an effective crew to stop Moff Sarne.

The Essential Guide to the Force. Review of The DarkStryder Campaign. Sent into unexplored space with no support ships or supply stations, the crew of the FarStar must accomplish their mission by any means necessary In his novel, Vision of the FutureTalon Karrde travels into the Kathol sector in search of Jorj Car’dasa former employer and friend.

Loh’khar the Finder — The Twi’lek darstryder specialist” who can cut any deal Star Wars Episode I Adventures. Role Call Shadis Issue 21 – Oct Developing the desire to leave the planet Katholit entered into a deal campxign Moff Kentor Sarne, supplying him with powerful technology in exchange for the secret of hyperdrive engines.

Edge of the Empire Narrative Dice System. After discovering DarkStryder on a scouting mission early in his career, Sarne coveted the power that the creature wielded, and planned to take darksgryder for his own ends.

This campaign is set in 8 ABY. Originally, Dave Dorman had been contracted to provide the cover art for the boxed set, a picture that the creative team termed the ” Memphis Belle ” shot.

Contents [ show ]. Invincibleand Jedi vs. The Joiner KingLegacy darostryder the Force: The ship and its crew track the rogue Imperial warlord through the Kathol sector, the Kathol Outback and the Kathol Riftfinally facing the Moff and his ally, the DarkStryder who is the originator of the exotic technology the Moff possesses in the Battle of Kathol System.


Shadis Issue 21 – Oct Published in JulyThe DarkStryder Campaign was a deluxe boxset that established much of the background of the Campaign, and set up the series.

DarkStryder Campaign

This boxed carkstryder is the start of a campaign of adventures set in the early years of the New Republic in the remote Kathol sector. However, it is the Aing-Tii, a race of mysterious aliens with a unique perception of the Force, that have been referenced most in later Star Wars works, garnering mentions in The New Campign Order: DarkStryder was meant to release the Kathol—known to it as the Precursors—but never did, craving campagin for itself.

Sarne, in possession of exotic alien technologyhad allied himself with a mysterious entity known as the DarkStrydera living, insectoid bio-computer charged with safeguarding the last remnants of the Katholan ancient civilization virtually wiped out by a disaster. Campaign Setting game world. Cover of The DarkStryder Campaign. Color recognition cards for characters and ships featured in the books.

Real-world articles West End Games sourcebooks. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: During the mission, Adrimetrum has to deal with planetary governments who are either apathetic [6] darkstryer hostile [7] to the New Republic, internal dissent among the crew, [8] pirate [2] and Imperial forces, [2] [3] and a myriad of booby traps installed in the FarStar by Moff Sarne, the ship’s previous owner.

The DarkStryder Campaign, Deluxe was a boxed set containing all four DarkStryder roleplaying game products in a single package.