The clarinettist Bernhard Henrik Crusell (–) was more than a virtuoso writing works as a vehicle for his own performances. His compositions are today . Bernhard Henrik Crusell (15 October – 28 July ) was a Swedish- Finnish clarinetist, . Clarinet Concerto in E-flat major, Op. 1. Movements: Allegro . Bernhard Henrik Crusell, Gerard Korsten, Uppsala University Chamber Orchestra , Per Billman – Crusell: Clarinet Concertos – Music.

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Prince Oscar took a lively interest in the music performed by the bands and himself dabbled in composition. Crusell at the Crusell Society website in Finnish. Despite the return to F minor, the final Rondo: In he received financial assistance which enabled him to live in Berlin for a few months and study with the well-known German clarinetist Franz Tausch — In many instances we will provide complete printed booklets, but please note that this is not always the case.

The Crusell family had been in the bookbinding trade for several generations and none of them appears to have had any great love for music.

Clarinet Concerto No.1, Op.1 (Crusell, Bernhard Henrik)

From to he was first clarinet in the Swedish court orchestra and earned a reputation as one of the finest soloists of his time. In his final years in a letter to Runeberg he called himself a “finsk landsman” a Finn.

Wallenstjerna at Sveaborg Finnish: His compositions are today recognized as among the best in the clarinet repertoire of the early nineteenth century. His conservative key choice was typical of the age in which he wrote: Cllarinet National Library of Sweden holds two manuscript autobiographies. He composed pieces, including concertos and chamber works, not only for his own use, but also for other wind players in the court orchestra.


In he was awarded a Gold Medal by the Swedish Academy and was inducted into the Order of Concwrtofor service to the state and society. Op 1 is in E flat major with the second movement in the subdominant; Op conceto is in B flat major with the second movement again in the subdominant. His clariet, who had been looking for their son for a long time, scolded him severely, but this could not stop the boy from returning to his favourite spot the next evening.

The dedications of his compositions are thus not always mere courtesies but often tokens of true friendship.

Bernhard Crusell – Wikipedia

This service offers a production-quality CDR with printed label, inlay tray card and, at the minimum, a 2pp booklet including cover artwork and complete track listingpackaged in a normal jewel case. Seine Phrasierung ist tadellos und die Vielfalt, die er in einer erweiterten Sechzehntelpassage erreicht, ist wirklich bewundernswert. One night, the four-year-old Berndt was sitting in the street, leaning against a wall, on top of the world clairnet admiration for the sweet melodies.

Hier setzt Crusell ceusell Chalumeauregister besonders wirkungsvoll ein. The review of the Hamburg concert in the Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung was positive. Crusell provides a written-out cadenza for this movement, whereas in Op 1 he gives neither cadenza nor cadence point.

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Clarinet Concerto No.2, Op.5 (Crusell, Bernhard Henrik)

Inafter Jakob completed his apprenticeship, he moved to Uusikaupunki and married Helena Ylander, but she died about one year later. In he travelled to Leipzig where he established a relationship with the music publisher Bureau de Musique, which became part of C. Gustav IV Adolf of Swedenanxious to keep Crusell in the royal orchestra, denied a petition for an extension of leave and as a positive inducement made him chief conductor of the bodyguard regiment bands.


Originally issued on CDA Still dissatisfied with his technique he left for Berlin to spend seven months in studying with Franz Tausch, who greatly improved his tone.

Retrieved from ” https: He is meticulous over phrasing and the variety he achieves within an extended semiquaver passage is most remarkable. This influence is most apparent in the opening ritornello which is concentrated and dramatic and contains a strikingly Beethovenian modulation to D clarknet major. Inwhen he was thirteen, another family friend, aware of the young man’s natural ability, took him to see Major O.

There follows a rondo containing three episodes. Crusell received an education at Sveaborg and excelled in music and languages.

The Archive service is for CDs which have been deleted and where the musical content is not otherwise available. Der erste Satz von Op. A year later Crusell returned to Stockholm via Hamburg where he gave an outstandingly successful concert. In he was elected to the Swedish Musical Academy, an honour bestowed on Crusell in NystadFinlandinto a poor family of bookbinders.

In he married Margaretha Messman. Although the rondo is in duple time it is characterized by a strong skipping rhythm generally associated with the triple-time polacca.

Crusell was born on the 15 Octoberat Nystad in Finland. All are rounded off with a coda or codetta. Don’t show me this message again.