but they include fracture and rheumatoid arthritis. c) Incidence of Bilateral Coxarthrosis. Fifty-seven patients (27 males and 30 females) of the total series of Insights into the aetiology of idiopathic coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis have The proportion with uni‐ or bilateral disease and localized or generalized OA is.

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Sibling risks of hip and knee replacement for idiopathic osteoarthritis. Compared with those undergoing THR, a bilsteral age at symptom onset, previous joint injury, higher BMI and a greater occupational sum score were associated more strongly with those undergoing TKR.

Primary osteoarthrosis of the knee or hip. Why is osteoarthritis of the hip more common on the right? Please check for further notifications by email.

The study was conducted between January and Decemberon a series of 27 coxartrsis patients, diagnosed at the Rheumatology Clinic of the lasi Rehabilitation Hospital. Prevalence of Heberden’s nodes in relation to age and sex. A study of the clinical pathology. In cases of bilateral replacement, these details were obtained for the joint which had developed symptoms earliest. Aetiology, clinical patterns and radiological features of idiopathic osteoarthritis, RheumatologyVolume 39, Issue 6, 1 JunePages —, https: Your comment will be reviewed and published at the journal’s discretion.


Overweight predisposes to coxarthrosis.

High perimenopausal oestrogen levels might predispose women to OA [ 23 ]. Work, sports, overweight and osteoarthritis of the hip.

Furthermore, the proportion with a history of menisectomy in the TKR group was significantly greater than that in the THR group, suggesting direct association between menisectomy and gonarthrosis. Our findings support suggestions that idiopathic coxarthrosis is often associated with subtle and bilateral deformities of the hip joint. I agree to the terms and conditions. All knees manifested sclerosis. Although superior joint localization prevailed in those with coxarthrosis, more than half manifested a concentric pattern of OA.

Osteoarthritis of the hip. A radiographic atlas of osteoarthritis. The same proportion of men and women were affected by medial tibiofemoral OA but women were three times more at risk of predominant patellofemoral OA.

[The treatment of bilateral coxarthrosis].

The nature and duration of joint pain and associated disability are factors determined in everyday clinical practice but are hardly discussed in the literature. Kinesitherapy has been shown to be a physical treatment that can not be replaced by other rehabilitation methods and is crucial in the recovery of lost functions. To determine and coxarttrosis the aetiological background, clinical patterns and radiological features of idiopathic osteoarthritis OA of the hip and the knee warranting arthroplasty.

Similar degrees of pain and disability were experienced by the two groups with women admitting more joint pain than men.


[The treatment of bilateral coxarthrosis].

Studies exploring iblateral importance of such factors in symptomatic OA have been limited by size [ 4 ], the inclusion of cases with secondary OA [ 5 ] and the exclusion of female patients [ 6 ]. Classification and regression trees. Patterns of migration of the femoral head in osteoarthritis of the hip. Therefore, once CART was used to select covariates, we used regression to assess the model. Patients with an injury to either hip or knee which prevented them from walking normally for a period of at least 1 week were asked to identify the joint injured, the date of the injury and relate any surgical intervention to the joint following the injury.

You have entered an invalid code. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Bklateral Academic. Despite the prevalence of coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis, no one coxxrtrosis has compared possible aetiological factors for these conditions. Osteoarthritis of the knee.

There were no cases of fracture, avascular necrosis or dysplasia.