d’Équations Différentielles Stochastiques (EDS) ainsi que pour l’estimation de leurs paramètres. Cet aspect n’est pas abordé au cours de cette thèse. Le support de cours est le polycopié “Analyse réelle et complexe” de F. Golse, Systèmes Dynamiques, équations différentielles et Géométrie différentielle. Brioschi, F. Les invariants des équations différentielles linéaires. J.-A. Serret, Cours de calcul différentiel et intégral, Tome II (Paris: Gauthier-Villars, ).

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Accordancefind a polynomial according to its values. Symmetric splitwrite a given matrix as sum of symmetric and antisymmetric matrices.

Complex equation drawdraw an equation in the complex plane, requires java or javascript. Graphic derivativerecognize the graph of the derivative of a function.

Cours : HMPH Modélisation et simulation en physique

Polynomial ordercomputes the order of an irreducible polynomial over a finite field F p. Coincidence-Devgraphically find the Taylor expansion of a function.

equqtion Base converterconverts a number between different numbering systems, arbitrary precision. OEF differentiabilitycollection of exercises on the differentiability of functions of one real variable. OEF powerscollection of exercices on calculation of powers Line choiceexercise: OEF sequencescollection of exercises on infinite sequences.


Choice of ellipsesrecognize an ellipse differentiellle to its equation, or vice versa. Ray 3Dgenerates raytraced smooth 3D surfaces from parametric equations.

Parametric drawdraw a parametric curve from graphs of coordinate functions, requires java. Suffixes and prefixescollection of exercises on word formation with suffix and prefix.

Shifting puzzlerecover a jigsaw puzzle by shifting rows or columns. Parametric composerecognize a parametric curve by the equagion of its coordinate functions.

WIMS: WWW Interactive Multipurpose Server

Doc Linkwordsdocument on linkwords. Segfracsplit a fraction into sum of fractions with smaller denominators. Sigmacomputes sums of series or finite sums of various kinds. SQRT drawdraw roots of a complex number, requires java. Coincidence Polyrootsfind a polynomial according to the positions of its roots. Circular drawdraw the circumscribed circle of a triangle, etc.

Électricité/Les circuits RL, RC, LC et RLC — Wikilivres

Prog stringprogramming exercises on string processing. Rankmultfind two matrices whose product is a given matrix. OEF probacollection of exercises on elementary corus. PermGroupcalculator of permutation groups based on GAP: OEF fractionscollection of exercises on fractions.

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Rank fillercomplete a matrix for a minimal rank.

Quizz vector spaceselementary questions on vector spaces. Extend-subspaceextend a vector subspace to a required dimension. OEF gradientcollection of exercises on the gradient of euation variables functions.

OEF iffcollection of training exercises on necessary and sufficient conditions. Fourier developmentgraphical search of Fourier development of a function. OEF vectors 2Dcollection of exercises on 2D vectors.

Deductio simple inequalitiesexercises of interactive deduction on inequalities, simple formulas. Data Debatingaudio collection used in an exercise module.

Graphic multiplicationrecognize the graph of fg from that of f and g, difcerentielle. Additive figuresplace numbers in geometric figures according to conditions on sums. Wcalcmulti-purpose single-step calculator usable in popup mode.