Implementation of the COTIF and European law that has an impact . COTIF UR CIM, Appendix B to. COTIF. General Terms and. The Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail is an intergovernmental COTIF was modified by a Protocol that was signed in Vilnius on 3 June These systems of law have been in existence for decades and are known as the CIV (for passengers) and CIM (for freight/goods) Uniform Rules. Webmaster: Baruno Wironugroho.

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The consignor may enter in the consignment note instructions to cover the event of circumstances preventing carriage. The duplicate shall not have effect as the consignment note accompanying the goods, nor as a bill of lading. If, through the death of vim passenger, persons whom he had, or would have had in the future, a legal duty to maintain are deprived of their support, such persons shall also be indemnified for their loss.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The value in Special Drawing Right of the national currency of a State which is a member of the International Monetary Fund shall be calculated in accordance with the method of valuation applied by the International Monetary Fund for its own operations and transactions. Persons who may bring an action against the railway. The Administrative Committee shall be composed of representatives of twelve Member States. The Auditor shall have unrestricted access, at any time, to all ledgers, accounts, accounting documents and other information which he considers needful.

DONE at Berne, this ninth day of May one thousand nine hundred and eighty, in a single original in the French language, which shall remain deposited in the archives of the Swiss Confederation.

Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail – Wikipedia

The charge for interest in delivery shall be calculated for the whole of the route concerned, in accordance with the tariffs of the forwarding railway. If the consignee exercises any of these rights, he shall pay in advance the amounts chargeable against the goods.

The parties shall freely determine the composition of the Arbitration Tribunal and the arbitration procedure. Signature, ratification, acceptance and approval of the Convention. When there is good reason to suspect a contravention, the railway shall have the right to verify that xim contents of registered luggage comply with these provisions unless the laws or regulations of the State in which the examination would take place prohibit such verification.

The Auditor shall present and sign a certificate in respect of the financial statements with the following wording: An action for the recovery of a sum paid under the contract of carriage may be brought against the railway which has collected that sum or against the railway on whose behalf it was collected.

The railway may fix additional transit periods of specified duration in the following cases:. If the proceeds are less than those costs, the consignor shall pay the difference. Should the person entitled not accept the findings in the report, he may request that the condition and mass of the registered luggage and the cause and amount of the loss or damage be ascertained by an expert appointed either by the parties or by a court. The railway shall be relieved of such liability xim the loss, damage or delay in delivery was caused by a fault on the part of the passenger, by an order given by the passenger other than as a result of a fault on the part cik the railway, by inherent vice of the registered luggage or by circumstances which the railway could not avoid and the consequences of which it was unable to prevent.


Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail

Taking of hand luggage and animals into carriages. The railway shall also be liable for the loss or damage resulting from the total or partial loss of, or damage to, any articles which the passenger, victim of such an accident, had on him or with him as hand luggage, including any animals. Each Member State may nominate to the panel of arbitrators two of its nationals who are specialists in international transport law. As a result, it became necessary to use the norms and documents used in the field of action covered by CIM.

Key terms used in the act RID: If, within a reasonable period allotted to him, the person entitled does not submit to the railway the supporting documents required for the amount of the claim to be finally settled, no interest shall accrue between the expiry of the period laid down and the actual submission of such documents.

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The provisions in force at the forwarding station shall determine the meanings of the terms “wagon load” and “less than wagon load” for the whole of the route. The new Member State shall comply with the provisions of Article 10 without delay. You could not be signed in. Reservation concerning liability in case of death of, or personal injury to, passengers 4.

The passenger must ensure, on receipt of the ticket, that it has been made out in accordance with his instructions.

The principal aim of the Organisation shall be to establish a uniform system of law applicable to the carriage of passengers, luggage and goods in international through traffic by rail between Member States, and to facilitate the application and development of this system. The railway shall be liable for loss or damage resulting from the total or octif loss of, or damage to, registered luggage between the time of acceptance for carriage and the ctoif of delivery as well as from delay in delivery.

International rail transport Organizations established in International law organisations Intergovernmental organizations established by treaty Organisations based in Bern.


Convention Concerning International Carriage By Rail (COTIF)

Other cij arising from the contract of carriage may be brought against the railway of departure, the railway of destination or the railway on which the event giving rise to the proceedings occurred.

Dec 22, Moscow — Odintsovo in just 21 minutes on new city train. Tell us what you think about the summaries! The railway shall in addition refund carriage charges, Customs duties and other sums incurred in respect of carriage of the lost item of luggage.

The Director General of the Central Office or his representative shall attend the meetings in an advisory capacity. The railway may refuse consignments when the seals affixed by Customs or other administrative authorities are damaged or defective. The minutes shall cootif the proceedings. The method of compensation, by mass or by item of luggage, shall be determined by the international tariffs.

The following persons shall not be permitted to travel or may be required to discontinue their journey:. A railway which has paid compensation in accordance with the Uniform Rules, for total or partial loss of, or for damage to, registered luggage, has a right of recourse against the other railways which have taken part com the carriage, in accordance with the following provisions:. It shall be equivalent to delivery to the consignee if, in accordance with the cik in force at the destination station:.

Experts upon whose services the Organisation may call shall, while exercising their functions in relations to, or undertaking missions on behalf of, the Organisation, enjoy the following privileges and immunities to the extent that these are necessary for the exercise of their functions, including during journeys made in the exercise of their functions and in the course of such missions:.

In case of total or partial loss of registered luggage, the railway shall pay, to the exclusion of all other damages:. If the consignor, by an entry in the consignment note, has undertaken to pay charges including Customs duty, the railway shall have the choice of completing Customs formalities either in transit or at the destination station.

The forwarding railway may require the consignor to prepay the charges in the case of goods which in its opinion are liable to undergo rapid deterioration or which, by reason of their low value or their nature, do not provide sufficient cover for such charges. Use the Advanced search. Amendments decided upon by the Committees shall be notified to the Member States by the Central Office.

The period of limitation shall not be suspended by further claims having the same object.