A’Lapide’s famous commentary on the four gospels, translated into English in four volumes. THE GREAT COMMENTARY OF CORNELIUS À LAPIDE: VOLUMES 1 TO 8. CORNELIUS À LAPIDE. TRANSLATED BY THOMAS W. MOSSMAN, B.A. Flemish Jesuit and exegete, b. at Bocholt, in Flemish Limburg, 18 December, ; d. at Rome, 12 March,

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Perhaps one of the last major commentators to bridge the gap between piety and proficiency was the compiler of the four volumes here before you, Cornelius a Lapide Information Information About our company.

Retrieved from ” https: A manuscript in the Vatican Library contains an Arabic translation of the Commentary on the Apocalypse of Saint John by the Maronite Yusuf ibn Girgis beginning of the eighteenth century lapixe, who also purportedly translated the Commentary on the Epistles of Saint Paul.

Goetzius Leipzig, wrote an academical dissertation, “Exercitatio theologica de Cornelii a Lapide Commentariis in Sacram Scripturam”, in which he praises the Jesuit author as the most important of Catholic Scriptural writers. But the holy see was not uninterested in reunion; they wanted to make sure that all aspects of such a move be corneluus from the Vatican.

Cornelius a Lapide

The latter years of his life, however, he seems to have devoted exclusively to finishing and correcting his celebrated commentaries. Twenty years later, inhe was called to Rome in the same capacity, where, on the 3rd of November, he assumed the office which he filled with such renown for many years after.

Various others, to include Mossman, felt the same way. Add to Cart Add to wish list.

He was born at Bocholtin Belgian Limburg. He was at once a respected Church of England clergyman, and one of the three duly consecrated bishops in the Order of Corporate Reunion. Customers ordering outside of the US should contact us to be notified of shipping rates. With moving simplicity and truth he portrayed himself in an emotional prayer to the Prophets at the end of his commentary on Daniel: All-in-all, this is an edition that will go far to open up the riches of a Lapide to the general public.


This was to underline the provisional nature of the Church in England. Cornelius a Lapide wrote commentaries on all the books of the Catholic Canon of Scripturei. For most members of either faith, the goal was the establishment of a sort of Anglican Uniate Rite, united with Rome but preserving a married clergy, vernacular bible, and communion under both species.

The Great Commentary Cornelius A Lapide

But while this haven provided physical security, the religious conflict, in the Netherlands and throughout Northern Europe was never far away. Views Read Edit View history. If you have already purchased the books, and wish codnelius purchase online access, contact us. These numerous editions show how highly these works are estimated by Catholics. Gaspar Bertoni, for example, founder of the Stigmatine Fathers and quite a Biblical commentator himself, was heavily influenced by Cornelius a Lapide.

All of the aforementioned commentaries are great in scope. The complete series, with Job and the Psalms added by other hands, appeared at Antwerp, ; at Lapie,; at Cologne; at Turin; at Lyons, and ; at Malta; at Naples; at Lyons and Parisand ; at Milan; at Paris But Mossman put his talents to the service of the church as he conceived her. His translation was the basis for that of cornellius four gospels which you see before you. Originally the site of a cross-shaped tree in whose boughs rested a statue of the Virgin about which many miracles had clusteredthe place had acquired a great reputation for answered prayers.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. But within Anglo-Catholicism two separate currents emerged: One strong problem, however, was the lack of validity of Anglican orders. The rest were edited only after his death; but all of them have been several times re-edited, both separately and collectively.


Cornelius Cornelii a Lapide

Van Kasteren, John Peter. This taste of heroism no doubt affected his decision to join the Society of Jesus, seedbed of so many martyrs at that time, not only in the British Isles but as far afield as Japan.

cornflius The complete series, with the Book of Job and the Psalms added by others, was published in Antwerp in and ; in Venice in, and ; in Cologne in ; in Turin in ; in Lyons in to 42,and ; in Malta in to 46; in Naples in ; in Lyons and Paris in and ; in Milan in ; and in Paris in cornekius The church at Scherpenheuvel in Flemish Brabant to the east of Brusselsfor example, at whose pilgrimage a Lapide was such a renowned preacher, was very much a product of combat.

All these commentaries are on a very large scale. In memory of Fr. Twenty years later in he was called to Rome in the same capacity, where, on 3 November, he lapkde the office that he held for many years thereafter.

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The result was a rather strange ceremony in early Due to the literary prominence of Lee and Mossman, who were both members, Rome became convinced of the feasibility of the project. Even before departing Flandershe edited the Commentaries in cornlius divi Pauli epistolas in and In Pentateuchum On the Pentateuch inboth in Antwerp. Moreover, his translation was very nearly perfect.

The midth century was truly a boom-time for the Anglo-Catholics. This article needs additional citations for verification.