Jump to navigation Jump to search. Portuguese[edit]. Noun[edit]. condensados de Bose-Einstein m. plural of condensado de Bose-Einstein. Retrieved from. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Dinámica de vórtices en un condensado de Bose-Einstein | We numerically solve the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for a. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , M Casas and others published Los condensados de Bose-Einstein: las quinta y sexta fase de la materia.

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In contrast, an unlimited number of bosons can have the same energy state and share a single quantum condensadoe. Keep Exploring Britannica Quantum mechanics. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

As the density increases or the temperature decreases, the number of accessible states per particle becomes smaller, and at some point, more particles will be forced into a single state than the einstrin allowed for that state by statistical weighting. Experimenters have also realized ” optical lattices “, where the interference pattern from overlapping lasers provides a periodic potential.

In this new state of matter, all the atoms are einsteim the same coherent quantum state. There are different Fortran and C programs for re solution for contact interaction [14] [15] einsfein long-range dipolar interaction [16] which can be freely used.

BEC research has yielded new atomic and optical physics, such as the atom laser Ketterle demonstrated in Please try again later. Bosons, which include the photon as well as atoms such as helium-4 4 Heare allowed to share a quantum state.


These can be created, for example, by ‘stirring’ the condensate with lasers, or rotating the confining trap. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Photosynthesis, the process by which green plants and certain other organisms transform light energy….

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Quantum mechanics, science dealing with the behaviour of matter and light on the atomic and subatomic…. Magnetic ordering is the condensdaos of superfluidity.

In condensation was demonstrated in antiferromagnetic Tl Cu Cl 3[27] at temperatures as large as 14 K. Einstein then extended Bose’s ideas to matter in two other papers. One of the breakthroughs depended on the novel technique of laser cooling and trapping, in which the radiation pressure of a laser beam cools and localizes atoms by slowing them down.

MagnonsExcitonsand Polaritons have integer spin which means they are bosons that can form condensates. Bose—Einstein condensation of quasiparticles.

Bose–Einstein condensate

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: JETP 7, ]. This section needs additional citations for verification. Retrieved 17 April Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Under such conditions, a large fraction of bosons occupy the lowest quantum stateat which point microscopic quantum phenomena, particularly wavefunction interference, become apparent macroscopically.

Archived from the original on 4 March The phenomena of superfluidity of a Bose gas and superconductivity of a strongly-correlated Fermi gas a gas of Cooper pairs are tightly connected to Bose—Einstein condensation. Julian—Gregorian uncertainty CS1 maint: Einstein proposed that cooling bosonic atoms to a very low temperature would cause them to fall or “condense” into the lowest accessible quantum stateresulting in a new form of matter.


Yang showed that cold dark matter axions form a Bose-Einstein condensate by thermalisation because of gravitational self-interactions. A Bose—Einstein condensate BEC is a state of matter of a dilute gas of bosons cooled to temperatures very close to absolute zero I and II, reprinted New York: Hulet’s team subsequently showed the condensate could be stabilized by confinement quantum pressure for up to about atoms. The examples where this could happen are the Bose—Fermi composite condensates, [18] [19] [20] [21] effectively lower-dimensional condensates, [22] and dense condensates and superfluid clusters and droplets.

condensado de Bose-Einstein – Wiktionary

These atoms are said to be condensed. In this limit, the gas is classical.

Examples include experiments that have demonstrated interference between condensates due to wave—particle duality[35] the study of superfluidity and quantized vorticesthe creation of bright matter wave solitons from Bose condensates confined to one dimension, and the slowing of light pulses to very low einsrein using electromagnetically induced transparency. Bose—Einstein condensation remains, however, fundamental to the superfluid properties of helium Research was finally successful in hydrogen with the aid of the newly developed method of ‘evaporative cooling’.

It arises from a subtle interplay of electronic and nuclear spins: Nikolay Bogoliubov considered perturbations on the limit of dilute eiinstein, [11] finding a finite pressure at zero temperature and positive chemical potential.

Researchers in the new field of atomtronics use the properties of Bose—Einstein condensates when manipulating groups of identical cold atoms using lasers.