It felt also strange to think that TSR could have put an entirely new fantasy rpg game in without me ever noticing. My first thought was it. A list of products, cover scans, and sources for purchase of these out-of-print books for the various Conan role playing games. Lost Game Safari: The Conan RPG from TSR By Jeff Mejia Conan. With the exception of the works of Professor Tolkien, no other character of.

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I rog dislike Languages as separate skills in fantasy games. The king’s tried everything else. Personal Magnetism is another one of fsr too vague Talents. Battle with them to conquer the evil forces that endanger their land! There is also a pretty large chance of failure for the more powerful spells, even if the wizard is highly skilled.

Using your talents in an adventure is rewarded with additional talent points awarded at the end of the game.

Conan The Mercenary Module Cn2 TSR 7402 Conan RPG RARE OOP D&d OSR

Hocking Robert Jordan Sean A. Character Name grew Appearance. In short, not really. For the Picts have united behind a sorcerous leader. Moon of Blood “War has com to the Westermarck. Tsf Role-Playing Game Boxed set cover. You will note the frequent use of the present tense back there, it so happens thanks to the beauty of this free-wheeling age that this game is not only kept alive, it’s kept alive as a virtually untouched freebie.

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Conan Role-Playing Game – Wikipedia

Rpv second book is a combination Gazetteer and monster manual, written in the style of an archaeological notebook, with short snippets outlining the various countries, cultures, beasts and characters of the Hyborian world.


The modules made for it are Within the pages of Pirate Isles the reader will find all they need to know about all these bands, from the Red Brotherhood to the Black Corsairs, they are all covered in never before seen detail.

My first thought was it must have been as big as a steaming pile of offal as that other TSR turkey of the time, the Indiana Jones rpg. For connan, the game’s magic system is mechanically loose and difficult for characters to master, with many opportunities for both disaster and long-term consequences.

Welcome to the Black! Lucas Picador June 6, at Skill-based system with point buy?

Was also glad when it returned as ZeFRS, although finding players experimental enough to try it today is a bit tough. Minimum monthly payments are required. Lord Majestic June 6, at 7: Go to our Sales Site.

His tragic mistake is that he threatens Conan also, for Conan is now King of this mighty land. The game possibly would have greatly benefitted from being more like the old Marvel Superheroes RPG, which had a similar chart.

Khoraj has no leg armor so he takes the full 3 points of damage. But if any man can succeed, it is the captain of your company. Roberts who rpf convinced that there was “an age undreamed of” in prehistory.

But Numedides’ lone fort is not enough to stop the Pict raiders. Back to home page.

Arkhein November 18, at In my youth when I still had eyes to see, I worked as a sailor on a ship that went into the Black Kingdoms bringing back hoards of Ivory. Ships from United States. I’ll still be using all my Mongoose stuff for source material though. I never gave it a chance either, but will look with renewed enthusiasm! Herb November 18, consn 5: Can the mighty Conan uncover the treachery a nd stop the savage attack?


He worked for TSR back when and said he was tasked with writing 2 adventure modules for Conan before he even had any rules to go by. Animal Aversion is actually something we see in the stories.

It is determined that Anteus will be attacking first. This adventure is set in Howard’s Hyborian Age. Have one to sell? This ocnan, is in keeping with the flavor of the original stories, priests and mages were adversaries cojan be thwarted. Thanks for the link to ZeFRS. For example Khoraj, a mercenary from Turan is facing Anteus, a Bounty hunter from Ophir in an alleyway.

The corners of the map are ripped from apparently being tacked to a wall maybe, please see photos for the details There is never really described the corruption of a sorcerer simply from knowing and using magic, despite what many gamers say.

Options – Conan did all sorts of cool things in the stories. If I hadn’t had such fun playing consistently over those three sessions, I wouldn’t be singing its belated praises as much as I am. Inside this book you’ll find: If you haven’t acquainted yourself with the system a quick mosey over here to the ZeFRS website can set you up at the right price.