An underemployed, skateboarding party animal, Colby Buzzell traded a dead- end future for the army–and ended up as a machine gunner in Iraq. To make. An underemployed, skateboarding party animal, Colby Buzzell traded a dead- end future for the army—and ended up as a machine gunner in Iraq. To make. “The experience of war has produced some extraordinary writing, classics of reporting and memoir. My War is destined to join that list. Colby Buzzell, a young .

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Thompson and Allen Ginsberg, is fueled by an antiauthority, punk-rock attitude. But as his blog’s popularity grew, Buzzell became the embedded reporter the Army couldn’t control–despite its often hilarious efforts to do so.

My War: Killing Time in Iraq – Wikipedia

At first, it threw me off. What you soon realize about this stranger at the bar, Buzzekl Buzzell, is that he can knock you off your barstool at a moment’s notice with soul-jarring observations and colbby comedic insights into what it really means to be fighting and idling in this war. I was excited, perhaps the more correct term is intrigued, to start reading a first hand account on the war in Iraq.

And this is easy for us to do because far too many of us don’t know any combat vets. Throughout the stories, he raises killijg questions about the struggles veterans face Common terms and phrases airfield ammo Arabic Army asked attack back home battalion blog bullet bunch Buzzell called chow hall cigarette civilian combat combat medic conex cool couple days dismounted Doc Haibi drive drove Dude e-mail enemy explosives fire Colgy Marez forces Fort Lewis fucking grabbed gunner guys hand happened hatch heard hell Hooah Horrocks huge Humvee infantry inside Internet cafe Iraq Iraqi Iraqi National Guard Jello Biafra kids killed kinda knew Kuwait looked M Bravo machine Marines mission mortar mosque Mosul motor pool movie night once parked platoon sergeant police Posted by CBFTW pretty pulled Purple Heart radio recruiter Samarra shit shooting sitting smoke Social Distortion soldiers squad leader started street Stryker cplby talk Tall Afar target Task Force tell there’s thing thought told took vehicle wait walked wanted watch weapons yelled.


The book really affected me, because I am a contemporary of this soldier. Slaughterhouse Five is certainly a war novel. On the street they rarely wave first, but when you wave or say colbj alaykum most burst into a smile and return your greeting.

This irreverent, episodic memoir grew out a blog that byzzell author, an Army infantryman in Iraq inwrote from the front lines. Cool unbiased look at the war in Iraq by a soldier who kind of brought the “blogging while at war” deal to the forefront.

And not for the vocational skills, either: He spent his time skateboarding and killing as many brain cells as humanly possible. I’ve been to some of these places and Buzzell’s writing timr me right back there. Buzell’s take on war is a good chance to see what the majority of troops actually experience: Jul 02, Lauren rated it liked it. The images of war he creates in the reader’s mind are like those written in great war novels – but then you realize that vuzzell stuff really happened and still happens every day.

My War: Killing Time in Iraq

As the novel progresses Colby discusses his love of music, art and books. My War is an autobiographical collection of blog entries, anecdotes and buzzell about life in the US army in Iraq. The Army had never had to deal with this before and its policy on blogging was pretty much created because of him.

He always kept a journal, so he decided to start a blog, My War kiling, to share his experiences in Mosul, Iraq with the rest of the world. Killing Time in Iraq Having picked up a used copy of this one from a charity stall, I hadn’t intended to read it immediately but got sucked in and finished it ahead of the other two or three books I was half way though. One of many first-person accounts of the current War. He ended up in Iraq as a tims gun runner. He is lampooned in the final twist of the story.

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It is an interesting view on the Iraq War from this MB machine gunner who was going nowhere in life. Colbyy has told the stories many chose to ignore.

My War: Killing Time in Iraq – Colby Buzzell – Google Books

That last sentence is important to me in terms of taxonomy: The subtitle, “Killing Time in Iraq” is right on, and that’s both what makes it a kind of tedious jraq and so insistent. I flip through it almost every day when I feel like I need a reality check or a little motivation. So this book is about his tim A shaky three stars. Buzzell holds a B.

All the protests I went to in my early 20’s buzzdll compare to the revelations I got from reading actual reports from the battlefield.

Youre in the Army Now. My War is still one of the best memoirs written about the Iraq War Killing Time In Iraq, is like no war diary written before. In addition to his battle descriptions, he fills us in on the boring stretches that dominate army life, his fellow The author, Colby Buzzell, was one of the first soldiers to blog about his experiences during his year long tour in Iraq, and these blogs grew into “My War.

When I broke the news to him that is was inspired by the movie Citizen Kanehe said, “Citizen what? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Buzzell exhibits a Henry Miller-like talent for the memorable character sketch.