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The rest of this sentence is in L only.

And make sure you observe everything that is laid out in the first chapter of the second book. Codices it is so mutilated as to be worthless. These, in turn, incorporated aspects claviucla the Greco-Roman magic of Late Antiquity.

Key of Solomon – Wikipedia

Enlighten me with a spark of thine infinite wisdom. I beseech thee Almighty Father and Lord, which didst create all things of naught, which gavest unto men their names, and to stones and herbs their virtue and power. O Lord, I commit my body and my soul unto thee, seeing I put my trust in none beside thee; it is on thee alone that I rely; O Lord my Salomonls aid me; O Lord hear me in the day and hour wherein I shall invoke thee.

Here followeth of virgin paper or parchment, called Membrana. Thou, O Lord, who hast made both Heaven and Earth, and hast measured them in the hollow clwvicula thy hand; thou who art seated upon the Kerubim and the Seraphim, in the high places, whereunto human understanding cannot penetrate; thou who hast created all things by thine agency, in whose presence are the living creatures, of which four are marvellously volatile, which have six wings, and who incessantly cry aloud: Concerning the arts; construction of the circle 4.

Waite’s harsh criticism is hardly justified.

Thou must also be thyself pure, clean, and washed, as thou shalt find given in the proper place. Yf yet they be dysobedient and wyll not come, then lett the M r reforme all his circles, and make A cros in the Ayer w th the aforesayde knyfe, and makynge A hyssinge in manuscrippt 4.


Clavicula Salomonis, a Hebrew manuscript

Mathers gives the names in Hebrew characters. Mathers reads “and striking upon the dust of the earth both men and beasts were struck with disease. And if it claviccula necessary in this operation to trace a circle, thou shalt do as is ordained in the chapter concerning circles; and if it be necessary to write characters, etc.

Nevertheless, this edition has stood the test of time. In every such experiment requisite it is that you have the day and hour fit for such experiments; which are appointed before in the chapter of days and hours.

But first, say privily the verse, Stalbon, Mecharum, Asenand likewise to the end. I therefore consider that I am highly honored in being the individual to whose lot it has fallen to usher it into the light of day. Then perform those things described in the experiment, and with the experiment written with figures and characters in the name of whichever person, and such that she passes over it. Of the worke of Images. Titled Zekerboni compare “Zecorbenei” in Ad. Figure 46, from Kingsfol.

Here followeth another way whereby it is brought to pass that she shall dream of thee. Abraham Colornoa Jewish engineer of Mantua fl.

And by salpmonis e holy ghost the comforter, w ch dyd proceade manyscript the father and y e sonne, yn likenes of A doue when Christe was baptized in the flodde of Jorden, and came vppon hym and his Apostles, the gospell of god w th diuers tongs, and by the 3. The links seem to just be loading blank pages for me lcavicula chrome, but it is the same when I do it from the university site.

But first say this prayer following: Historia naturae et genesis cum Antrophia, i. If you must write with any blood, use such as is also hereafter appointed. Mathers follows the French manuscripts, which seem to confuse the paragraph. Natur Bibel und Natur Postilla.


This is based on Exodus 8: Rehencatrici totius Indiae regis, Apollonii discipuli, ars cabalistica sacrae philosophia. Here followeth A way to bringe to passe any extraordynary experyment.


The first one he appended to this chapter; the rest he numbered Here followeth the chapter wherein is declared what cloth you must clzvicula to put in your things necessary for your experiment.

Its contents are very similar to the Clavicula. Afterwardes sprincle yt w th water, and cause 3.

The fair and beautiful spirits are in the North. This done, say these Psalms following: Figure 17, from K, fol.

A Hebrew manuscript of Clavicula Salomonis, Part II – Claudia Rohrbacher-Sticker”

Thus endeth the fyrst booke of the kay of knowledge, of Solamon. Faustens sogenannter schwartzer Mohren-Stern. This sentence is missing in Ad. Figure 50, from Sl. Wherefore are these words so obscure? Figure 53, from Sl. Take thou the knife or quill knife, 5 consecrated after the manner and order which we shall deliver unto thee in the Second Book. Psalm secrets with characters. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Your circles must be made with the afore-named knife, wherefore when you will work, stick the knife in the midst of the place, and measure none feet on both sides from the knife, but remember to leave a space open, whereby you may go in and out.

But look when thou hast finished thy work, that thou lay up all things in thy cloth aforesaid.