Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Mar 31, , Robinson Poffo and others published Cirurgia Cardíaca Minimamente Invasiva para a Retirada de Sistemas . Unidade especializada em cirurgias minimamente invasivas cardíacas, torácicas e vasculares. Visite-nos. A tecnologia de última geração – Cirurgia Cardíaca Robótica, uma evolução Centro de Cirurgia Cardiaca Minimamente Invasiva e Robótica.

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A difference was observed among the free field positions tested, except in the situations of noise right and noise left. The training was distributed into 12 hours in the box trainer and 20 hours in animals, and led to better laparoscopic skills and a feeling of more surgical competence in laparoscopic surgery levels 1 and 2. To study the existence cardiacw clinical differences between patients with ML with endosymbiosis by LRV1 and.

Standardization of video-assisted cardiac surgery technique: initial experience

In a multivariate analysis, male gender and maternal smoking had a 2. The role of laparoscopy in the modern surgery era is minimamenet established.

The following journals were examined: Inonly one study was published, and it did not meet the inclusion criteria. The incorporation of technologies in the care of infants has contributed to increased survival; however, this has turned neonatal unit into a noisy environment.

Robotic cardiac surgery in Brazil.

Neither pharyngeal nor facial skeletal abnormalities were significantly associated with either therapeutic success or adherence. A method used for the translation and cultural adaptation of tools, which included independent translations, synthesis of the translations, back-translations, expert committee, and pre-test, was used. To evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of aspirin desensitization in patients with AERD.

Entre D1 e Dalta, foi realizada a fisioterapia respirat. The best performances in the Speech Recognition Percentage Index were obtained using monosyllabic stimuli, represented by pictures presented in silence, with no significant differences between the right and left ears.


Tinnitus is a multifactorial condition and its prevalence has increased on the past decades. This was a case-control study. Rating criteria of multi and transdisciplinary journals need to be reviewed. A prospective study was realized at a tertiary centre. There is increasing interest in self-reporting outcomes evaluation in plastic surgery.

It is currently believed that nasal obstruction compromises the quality of sleep when it results in breathing disorders and fragmentation of sleep. To be included, the paper should have been published between and related to bariatric surgery and alcoholism.

Immediate reconstruction with autologous fat grafting: Hieronymus Brunschwig or Hieronymus Brunschwygk ca.

Measurements of the thickness of the gastric wall were made in the antrum, body and proximal body, using a radial echoendoscope with a frequency of 12MHz and maximum zoom, and its own balloon inflated with 5ml of distilled water. Medieval orthopaedic history in Germany: Turbinoplasty is a procedure that aims to reduce the size of the inferior turbinate through exuberant bone removal with high mucosal preservation. To compare the acoustic parameters of oropharyngeal swallowing between different age groups.

T2DM patients should be evaluated by the multiprofessional team that will assess surgical eligibility, preoperative work up, follow up and long term monitoring for micro and macrovascular complications.

Is there a best side for cochlear implants in post-lingual patients?

To analyze nurses’ competencies with regard to their work in post-operative heart surgery and the strategies implemented to mobilize these competencies. There was no statistically significant difference between the groups regarding any of the pharyngoesophageal manometry measurements, age, or severity of obstructive sleep apnea. The study participants had a mean age of Measurements were performed in the shooting range of a military police department.

First report of the Port Access International Registry. Prospective single-center study over patients females using the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty procedure under general anesthesia with overnight inpatient observation.


Contemporary, cross-sectional cohort study. Comparison between chloral hydrate and propofol-ketamine as sedation regimens for pediatric auditory brainstem response testing. Free Field Word recognition test in the presence of noise in normal hearing adults. The authors believe this translation is suited for validation. The study included 28 adult patients with psychogenic dysphonia, evaluated at a University hospital in the last ten years.

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We assessed the clinical impact minimametne echocardiography results by using a questionnaire addressed to the anesthetist. In the postoperative period, alopecia was the most reported Nurses in post-operative heart surgery: The overall mean of the content validity index was 0. This investigation was limited to articles that investigated adults mijimamente than 18 years, published in English or Portuguese, between January and December Initial results, however, are good and safe.

Psychogenic dysphonia is a functional disorder with variable clinical manifestations. The cognitive task consisted of digit rehearsal task of varying presentation and varying levels of difficulty.

Surgery was good results, with low morbimortality, as long as the protocols are respected. The vertical sleeve gastrectomy may be considered if there is an absolute contraindication for the RYGB. There was a female predominance It is noteworthy that the articles used different tools and considered different levels of language.

By means of electronic databases, a systematic review was performed of studies using drug-induced sleep endoscopy to identify obstruction sites in patients with OSAS. Larynges presenting abnormalities were submitted to histological examination. Past, Present, and Future. Our institutional protocol provides the vestibular diagnosis through six simple tests: The following acoustic parameters were estimated using the Praat software: