La cirugía funcional endoscópica de los senos paranasales se hace para arreglar o extirpar huesos o tejido de los senos paranasales. Los senos paranasales. Publisher: INTRODUCCIÓN: la cirugía endoscópica de la nariz y senos paranasales ha tenido un gran auge para tratar la patología inflamatoria y tumoral. Cirugia endoscopica de senos paranasales. Cirugia endoscopica de senos paranasales. Image may contain: indoor. 35 Likes2 Comments14 Shares.

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Still, endoscopic surgery has become a safe surgical treatment option. The clinical case is a 32 year old woman that two weeks after removal of upper left molar suffers repeated episodes of unilateral sinusitis.

The use of autologous bone graft and rotation and advancement palatal flap intended to be a good surgical option, allowing closure of the defect. The type of pathology, surgical technique done, major and minor adverse event presented were recorded.

On the other hand, the minor adverse events were slightly higher. Physical examination and computed tomography shown left maxillary chronic sinusitis sfnos to an oroantral fistula, due to tooth extraction from maxillary bone.

[Complications of endoscopic nasal and sinus surgery: experience in patients].

As a result the patient experiences episodes of sinusitis refractory to medical treatment. A preliminary study of monocortical bone grafts for oroantral fistula closure. Las relacionadas con tejidos blandos: Oroantral fistula occurs between other causes as a result of the extraction of a molar in relation to the senoz bone.

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Surgical repair oroantral fistula with a rotation and advancement palatal flap and autologous bone graft.

Endoscopic nasal and sinus surgery has been used greatly for the treatment of inflammatory and neoplasm pathology, as well as for the approach of the extrasinus structures. En la literatura se encuentran descritas diversas formas de reparar una fistula oroantral Int J Med Sci ; 7 5: Rev Dent Chile ; 95 1: The aim is to show our experience of one case operated using a rotation and advancement palatal flap and autologous bone graft.

Although it has proven to be a very successful method, it is not exempt of complications.

Nueva Los Leones 7, Depto. A total of patients who underwent endoscopic sinus surgery, 75 women and 75 men, in a specialties hospital of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social IMSS.

[Complications of endoscopic nasal and sinus surgery: experience in 150 patients].

Treatment of oroantral fistula with autologous bone graft and application of a non-reabsorbable membrane. Surgical Treatment of Oroantral Fistulas: The overall complications and the major rates were similar to cirkgia reported in the literature. La sinusitis unilateral persistente y de mal olor es su consecuencia habitual 5. Se sutura el colgajo con Vicryl Figura 8. Cabeza Cuello ; En cuanto a las complicaciones menores, estas presentaron mayor frecuencia.


Oroantral fistula is a problem that has multiple options for surgery. The main pathologies were chronic rhinosinusitis without polyps Surgical repair remains the best solution, there are different techniques. A retrospective evaluation of 63 cases. J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; Oroantral fistula, oroantral communication, autologous bone craft, palatal flap.

Cierre de fístula oroantral con injerto óseo y con rotación y avance de colgajo palatino

A Clinical Study of 23 Cases. Christian Seos y cols. Treatment of Oroantral Fistula – A Study. Palatal rotation-advancement flap for delayed repair of Oroantral fistula: Six months following there was no complication neither recurrent sinusitis, with optimal results.

Our objective was to identify the frequency of complications in patients with sinus and nasal pathology that underwent an endoscopic surgery of the nose and sinuses. Incidence of oral sinus communications in upper thirmolar extraction. Rev Otorrinolaringol Cir Cabeza Cuello ; 59 2: Surgical repair is performed using a rotation and advancement palatal flap and autologous bone graft.