Trainer, M.: The patents of William Thomson (Lord Kelvin). World Patent Inf. Chwaleba, A., Poniński, M., Siedlecki, A.T.: Metrologia Elektryczna, 8th edn. WNT . Praca zbiorowa: Współczesna metrologia – zagadnienia wybrane. WNT Chwaleba A., Poniński M., Siedlecki A.: Metrologia elektryczna. WNT r. Chwaleba A., Poniński M., Siedlecki A. – Metrologia elektryczna – WNT Warszawa . – Dziuban E., Dozozhovets M., Kowalczyk A. i in. – Metrologia.

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Barbara WilkGrzegorz Wilk. Calibration of measuring instruments. Analog to digital converters and digital to chwleba converters. The ways of veryfing every mentioned outcome of teaching. The use of digital multimeters to measurements of basic electrical quantities. Computer measurment systems general characterization. Has elementary knowledge of measurement methods and transducers used for measurements of electrical quantities.

Can plan work tasks for team and feels personal responsibility for teamwork. Operating of a digital oscilloscope.

It allows student to find out about the role of computer science in metrology. Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. Knows and understands basic terms in electrical metrology. Computer based measurement systems, virtual instruments. Has elementary knowledge of measurement methods and transducers used for measurements of electrical quantities not only reached the level of knowledge and skills required for the grade 3, but also uses properly recommended terminology.


Technika pomiarowa, Wydawnictwo Naukowo-Techniczne, Warszawa Standard method of expressing and treating uncertainty. Metrologia elektryczna, Wydawnictwo Naukowo-Techniczne, Warszawa Measurement of periodic signal parameters.

Reset Password Students You are not logged in log in. Computer based ponisku systems, virtual instruments – Static and dynamic characteristics of transducers. Analog to digital and digital to analog conversions sampling, digitizing, coding.

Bibliography used during lectures Chwaleba A. Course descriptions are protected by copyright. Wzmacniacze operacyjne i pomiarowe. Virtual instruments general characterization, structure, data acquisition cards, software.

Electrical and Electronic Metrology (02 13 00)

Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content. The student who completed the module. Anna SzlachtaBarbara Wilk.

Estimates uncertainty of measurement results and prepares the documentation of realized measurement task. Laboratory, 15 hours more information Lecture, 30 hours more information.

Has elementary knowledge of measurement methods and transducers used for measurements of electrical quantities lecture, laboratory short written metrologis in laboratory, written test Has knowledge about signals representing measurands and methods applied to determination of periodic signal parameters.


The syllabus – Measurement theory. Can calibrate instrument and can make the optimum settings for measuring instrument. Measurements of the basic electrical quantities essential for electrical engineering e. After completing the subject students should be able to: The aim of the subject is to pass knowledge in the filed of: Anolog and digital multimeters and oscilloscopes operating, measure of the basic electrical quantities.

Information and measurement technology

Department of Cuwaleba and Measurement Systems. Laboratory, 30 hours more information Lecture, 30 hours more information. Can measure basic electrical quantities. The analysis of errors and uncertainties of measurement results.