Economic history. Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant: Institutional frameworks and implications for land use of public private sector development initiatives in the rural. Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant: Zimbabwe’s milestone: The resumption of operations at the Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant and the subsequent uptake of the E The Chisumbanje Ethanol Project is a national project of great strategic importance where ethanol is produced from sugarcane. The project.

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All the recommendations to resolve the social and community issues must be implemented with urgency. The benefits of ethanol blends and the associated personal, community, national and environmental advantages must be clearly articulated in a massive branding and marketing campaign. To achieve this, research work should start now.

Keen to exploit the agricultural potential in Zimbabwe, the Government at the time instructed ARDA to commission various studies in the Greater Chisumbanje Area, not only for agricultural purposes but also for the establishment of an ethanol plant. If there were several producers it might make sense. January 19, at 2: Presented with the Most Outstanding Infrastructure Development Project Award in the country during the last five years by Project Management Institute of Zimbabwe, the Chisumbanje Ethanol project was affected by policy inconsistencies which characterised the inclusive government.

Within an 18 month period the Macdom Chisumbanje and Rating Middle Sabi Estates were transformed into successful sugarcane estates. With Government and ARDA supervision, the Company etanol go into direct arrangements for payment of these farmers, and should avoid delays in paying for crop deliveries. February 3, at 7: Initially wheat was planted on the basis that new etbanol and technology, together with an improved irrigation system, could make this a viable project.

The grievance that not enough local people are being employed must be addressed. Alleged Mugabe cronies kept offshore firms years after UN….


After much deliberation, the decision to turn to sugarcane agriculture was made jointly with ARDA. It must reflect regional and global pricing of ethanol, and take cognizance of the low caloric value of ethanol. Considering that this fuel is supposed to power cars, this is hardly inspiring, No? Edcon to up stake in Zim Edgars Stores.


All these issues require immediate solutions and action in order for the Chisumbanje Ethanol Project to get back on track.

The resumption of operations at the Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant and the subsequent uptake of the E15 has been described as some of the significant developments in as the country seeks to reduce its fuel import bill and to create a green economy. These are some of the issues which convince me and Gutter that the way this project was conceived, designed and implemented flouted the basic principles of commerce.

Agreed issues include the immediate release of farmers arrested recently over land dispute in Chinyamukwakwa area and the adoption of an interim agreement to give farmers half a hectare as ploughing land.

Chisumbanje ethanol project set to restart – NewsDay Zimbabwe

January 29, at 7: Once all these technical and business decisions are made and the community issues are resolved, it is important for the Company and the government to carry massive marketing campaigns for Ethanol fuel blends.

Thanks be to the mineral rich fields of Chitepo Cosmo South East. There are two sets of problems that the project faces.

The two sets of recommendations, seek to balance between community, private and national interests, ethsnol we strive to bring this strategic project back on course. As a result, projet investment was made into the infrastructure of the estates, including pump houses, roads and buildings.

Background to the Land. Mutambara proposes road-map for elections. Prev Post Stunning Elizabeth Tsvangirai in pictures. Varun Beverages ups output to meet growing demand. World class irrigation infrastructure has been put in place, and an outstanding ethanol producing plant constructed. This presentation encapsulates the chisumbannje and considered position of an inclusive set of Ministers who set out to address some tough matters.


Boys ride, real men fly. Legislator, Cde Justice Wadyejena, said the issuance of license to green fuel is a clear testimony of government commitment to attract foreign direct investment in the country adding that there is need to ensure that other key projects such as the New Zim Steel lroject operational.

Addressing a Press conference after a marathon meeting with the community, civic society leaders and Green Fuel, the company spokesperson Lillian Muungani said they made assurances to the community over a number of issues to pave way for projetc in the implementation of the project.

The Company must swiftly install a water purification system for the contaminated water from the plant before it is recycled for human and livestock consumption. Agricultural and Rural Development Authority. Rehabilitate stadiums, then shift football seasons. This compensation must be paid immediately. Where are modern day Tongogaras?

Arda bosses face contempt of Parly. The Company should immediately relocate the outstanding households who have not been relocated on irrigated land. Of course we need to balance our resolution of this grievance with desire to promote national cohesion and integration. Last updated Sep 20, 0. The following specific solutions and actions are recommended in order to enable resumption of the Ethanol plant operations in as short a period as possible:.

Are the fuel blending ratios now agreed with stakeholders?

Aug 4, 4, 2. How far did the world leaders succeed in combating climate change? In fact, with the correct pricing of ethanol and effective marketing there might be no need for mandatory blending. On the basis of the analysis eghanol, with the motivation to encourage consumers to use ethanol blends, while jump-starting the Company, the generous price of 85 cents per litre of ethanol is suggested.