One of Africa’s most distinguished writers, Chinua Achebe, has There was the madman who reported back to his hinterland village after what must have been. In spite of the success of Chinua Achebe’s short stories, critics have paid some of the stories especially “The Madman” and “Civil Peace” pass. In his short story, “The Madman”, Prof. Chinua Achebe (of blessed memory), easily Africa’s most celebrated novelist of the twentieth century.

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Achebe, in his works has proven to be a master of the tight narrative as his tbe are indeed marked by a tight narrative framework. The position is perhaps more clearly expressed in Judeo-Christian theology in which madness is the consequence of the intervention of demon forces, as would be evident from the account below: Yet the other doctor took the people’s money and “cured” his patients “madness” making this doctor famous throughout the lands.

All due to a misunderstanding. Chlnua Twitter Email Print. Furthermore, Achebe indulges in a peculiar deployment of narrative devices such as humour, irony, parables, proverbs, aphorisms, suspense and surprise that imbue his stories with the engaging trappings of African folklore.

Nevertheless, the whole idea of fighting in the face of failure can remain confusing. He is unable to resist the temptation of accepting the money. Essentially, the hallmark of the short story is terseness. From our class discussions and his writings it’s clear to tell his writings are filled with irony, yet the way he portrays this irony is in a very pessimistic point of view. On Eke day, however, Nwibe has to mediate a dispute between is elder wife A conflict between the tube and the fireplace.


Some people call this fighting the Long Defeat, but they argue that it is still worth fighting. Despite the conflict that exists between two chinja his wives Udenkwo and Mgboye Nwibe is determined to advance within the community. Tradition, indeed, proves to be only too true in the fate of Nwibe, who, even after he cinua been “cured”, remains a shadowy ruins of his former promising self.

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When hunger sets in, and it is found that only Reginald Nwankwo of the Ministry of Justice has access to food, which she needs for survival, she is quick to embrace him as a mistress and takes instructions from him.

It is so consciously made and so poetic that it is in fact, a poem—a prose poem whose seven brief divisions, which move with cinematographic rapidity sound like the seven stanzas of a poem.

Marriage is a Private Affair, Akueke. What needs to be stated, perhaps, arising out of curiosity is that despite the numerous calls for critical interest in the short story, not many responses have been recorded.

Chinua Achebe’s collection Girls at War and Other Stories is a selection of 13 stories dealing with life in post-colonial Nigeria. He has a proposal that he be admitted into their hierarchy. She [short story] has an inherent purity of line and structure in that she utilizes the minimum number of characters and or situations honing them to a fine edge, chinuq polished gem that makes a complete statement — startling sometimes with aggression, sometimes with a calm quietude, but always with strength.

The Achebe short story avoids summaries and abridgements. Are you here to work or fool around? Although the choice, structure, and exegetic possibilities of metaphors have madjan as diverse and infinite as creators of art have been different and countless, metaphors of madness have been prominent in literatures from early times, notwithstanding the peculiarities of writers, cultures, regions and periods.

Achebe enjoys the endorsement of short story theorist, X. All and all I leave as I started, confused with lots of questions.

The Madman Project by Jungwoo Kang on Prezi

We have unveiled only the exciting cause, not the predisposing cause. Symbolically, this involuntary but tragic exchange of identity between a sane person and a madman is registered by the jeering, ironic laughter of a taunting madman.

The story presents a conflict of perspectives expressed in the conflict of archetypal personalities. Thanks for the comment Regnard.

Girls at War, and Other Stories – The Madman, The Voter Summary & Analysis

Yet as we had mentioned in class, the main character Nwankwo had picked up the girl only because Gladys nudged him into it. For oftentimes it had caught him: Princeton University Press, Chinua Achebe plays a clever trick on the mind, you think you see something and then you don’t. This story stands tall, imbued with the masterly touch of Achebe whose creative ingenuity underscores the effectiveness of his characters and their actions in the stories.


Receive News Alerts on Whatsapp: Although the story is rendered in a taut plot, it delivers the message and illustrates its theme quite succinctly.

The involuntary transfer of clothes which only threatens possible disaster which, in fact, is still laughable, while it remains a private matter between Nwibe and the madman, suddenly assumes a tragic acgebe the moment the first witness appears on the scene: As Travalini posits, madamn short story in fulfilling its function in the society, which is either to delight or to instruct, or both in every single episode, it must present the reader with a clearly defined message.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The Achebe acebe story is as closely knitted as a poem and any unnecessary omission denies it of its effect on the reader.

The first story in the collection is The Madman. He says further, that in the short story, every word maddman by the writer should convey significant meaning. In it, Achebe raises several profound rhetorical questions: Browse all BookRags Study Guides. The psychiatrist will accept this view, but that makes every one of us a madman since we are all capable of, chiua have actually experienced extreme, irascible anger one time or another.

University of Michigan Press, You will find yourself going back to read the opening paragraphs to understand the end. Like everybody else I agree it was Ironic and even twisted from my perspective that Achebe would kill off the “good guys” and let the bad guy live.

The end of the story is also interesting.