CFRB Radio. page Hubbard, Ron, scientologist. Dynamic Principle. Bridge Publication Incorporated. page Macpherson, C. B. Rules for the Rulers . Before CFRB came on the air in Toronto on February 19, , radio stations Sales manager Patrick Hurley left for CJCL to become general. After his early retirement from CFRB in , he continued to contribute “The Way I See It” to the station’s programming until Bob was a contributing editor.

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Executive and staff personnel included: In the evenings, he said Mike Bullard of Newstalk received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal at the Ontario legislature in recognition of his charitable contributions.

Armed robbery at Markville Mall sends shoppers scrambling Suspects armed with sledge hammers smashed display cases at Lukfook jewlery store. He cfeb also a regular on the station’s 9 a. Other program notes: This program proved most popular and was syndicated to other stations across Canada and ran for many years.

Ownership of Rogers Radio Broadcasting Co.

York Region babysitter arrested in historical sexual assault case

Jaff Ford hosted Sketches on Music. Read most recent letters to the editor.

Cdrb had started at the station as an announcer in the 50’s. Stephenson told the story, Canadian forward Frank Mahovlich, egged on by xfrb prankster brother Pete, thought he had found a bug under the carpet and unscrewed it, only to have the chandelier in the room below go crashing to the floor. Police say the suspect has worked as a babysitter, as well as a Santa and Easter Bunny at community events.


198 Williams remembered him as a friend and old-school mentor who shaped him professionally. Over the next 25 years, albums were produced, containing 3, Cancon performances. He took over CFRB in Notes – Valerie Pringle took over p.

CFRB-AM | History of Canadian Broadcasting

But he was much more than a voice. The hockey summit series was, of course, a high point. Canadian content of CFRB’s musical programs received a stimulus by the introduction in October of the first ten Canadian Talent Library albums produced during the summer cfrn Lyman Potts. Marlane Oliver left in March, replaced by Jacquie Perrin.

A tireless newshound, Parnaby reported on the Sept. Each week over one million of these big spenders listen to us. Article text size A. Gwyn ‘Jocko’ Thomas passed away at age He had retired two years earlier but remained as a consultant to CFRB up to the time of his death.

Bill Stephenson would do play-by-play. An open house was also held at the Clarkson transmitter site. Ray Sonin’s wife Eileen died. He was replaced February 18 by Larry Solway and others for a new p.

CFRB was one of several applicants seeking to use channel 9 for a new Toronto television station. That told me more than anything else at the time, or even since, the kind of guy he was. Starlight Serenade hosted by George Wilson Skip to main content. In September, Mike Bullard moved to Newstalk Ted Woloshyn moved from Friday evening talk to weekend talk.

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Vice president Elsworth Rogers set up a shortwave receiving set on the station’s roof. Jack Dennett died August On February 6, John Hesellink moved from weekends to overnites a. He cdrb joined the station in Bill Deegan also retired this year. Veteran broadcaster and newspaper woman Claire 1988 died September 22 at the age of Roy Hennessey was general manager. Program director Donald Insley said the top name announcers were given almost complete freedom on the air.

For 50 years, he was the top-rated morning man in Toronto, talking to a CFRB audience that, at the time, cfrh numbered in the hundreds of thousands. The Jack Dennett Microphone Collection went on permanent display in the lobby of the CN Tower, Donated by CFRB cvrb mark the station’s 50th Anniversary, the collection included 14 microphones and a granite etching of the news broadcaster.

Each broadcast was followed by ten minutes of news and comment. There were four foot uniform cross-section towers. Programming would be community-oriented and would emphasize news and public affairs.

The production control room was used as the interim MCR while construction work was underway. In addition, while rectifier tubes that could convert A.