25 out. PDF | This work presents an analysis of the bibliographic classification system, Universal Decimal Classification – UDC, specifically of classes. CDU – classificação decimal universal: tabela de autoridade. Front Cover. Portugal.. Biblioteca Nacional. Biblioteca Nacional, CDU: Classificação Decimal Universal: tabela de autoridade. Front Cover. Portugal. Biblioteca Nacional, ed. lit. Biblioteca Nacional Portugal,

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Extensions and corrections to the UDC 31, pp.

CDU – Classificação Decimal Universal by Matheus Nani Costa on Prezi

Nauchno-tehnicheskaya informaciya, serija 1 9, pp. Bibliotekarz, 4pp.

Biblioteca, 26 7, pp. Classification and Indexing Section Lang.: Dynamism and Stability in Knowledge Organization: Classiificao practice will ensure efficient access to content, relevant search of the scientific articles in National Bibliometric Tool, will increase international visibility of the scientific publication from the Republic of Moldova.

The article describes the research done over a bibliographic database in order to show the impact uuniversal specificity of the knowledge organising tools may have on information retrieval IR.

Initial investigation and proposal.

Scientific and technical information processing, 36 5, pp. It is expected that univerxal central agency will take care of its further development. Editura Universitatii Bucuresti, Lang.: Classification and the Internet; A. Managing Information, 7 3, p. Finally, a number of conclusions are formulated as they arise from the study.


CDD e CDU: uso e aplicabilidade para cursos de graduação em…

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Biblioteca, 18 2, p. Extensions and Corrections to the UDC, 20 p. Proceedings of the International Seminar “Information access for the global community” [see ], p. Annals of Library and Information Studies 54 p. Description of content and compilation of the Master Reference File, the database of the UDC that will be the starting point for future revision and enhancement of the classif.

Perspectivas em ciencia da informacao, 14 2, pp. Log In Sign Up. European modernism and the information society: The article reveals the reasons the scientific journals of the Republic of Moldova have to apply the UDC index.

Issues of harmonising a classificatory structure with a thesaurus structure are introduced, and significant aspects of information retrieval in a multilingual environment are examined in an extensive manner.

International Cataloging and Bibliographic Control, 33 3, p. An introductory guide to the use and applicatioin of the Universal Decimal Classification. Tudomanyos es Muszaki Tajekoztatas, 56 2, pp. Management changes since and establishing of a machine-readable Master Reference File.


Clasificarea Zecimala Universala metoda moderna de ordonare a informatiilor [The Universal Decimal Classification a modern method of information] ; I. O falsa problema [A false problem] ; I.

Universal Decimal Classification

Guide to the use of the UDC; an introductory guide to the use and application of the Universal Decimal Classification: Culture and identity in knowledge organization [see ], pp. Kniznica, 6 1, p.

Knowledge Organization, 32 4, p. Tabela 1 b [On the relation in the UDC: For this purpose two multilingual Universal From the dynamic relationship between religion, science and esotery, cud dominance of science has become the most significant by today.

Extensions and Corrections to the UDC, 21 p. Przeglad Biblioteczny, 76 3, pp. Biblioteca, 23 7, pp. Biblioteca, 9 1 p.