Search in CATU catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click. CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. P1_Offshore Installations -Oct 02 At the present time, CATU Safety Equipment, including all the range of short-circuiting and. FORSOND was acquired by CATU in and gradually stood out as the In , the company merges with CATU but keeps all the specificities of its job.

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EN Double lanyard Can be connected to the harness by locking steel screw karabiners. Black grained leather with handle.

Voltage of use behind capacitive dividers: CID 58 max. MT clamps are automatic contact clamps.

Carrying bag with stray. New safety bayonet system. Reference Silicon grain leather, very flexible. Cahalogue Reference mm MO g mm Delivered with 2 blades. Voltage presence indicated at the same time by: For short circuiting and earthing system. Clamp with tapped revolving rod end M8. MT MT Plastic case.


To be used with jumper cable M8 or M12 connection cable on request. A ring on spool adapts ribbon at desired length.

Transparent PVC sheath, with cable section identification. Cylindrical head under insulating cap.

For other voltages, please consult us. Warning flags Brightly colored ribbon. Indestructible lightweight TPU end pieces, extra wide joules. Primarily reserved for conductors of the same phase matchingthey can also be used for dual core detection and for testing MV fuses. Even inside industrial buildings, it is often possible to install an earth rod exactly where required by breaking through a catqlogue area of the floor. It automatically indicates the polarity and overrange: Do not use for welding operations.

Round neckline with a hood. Voltage catqlogue is indicated by both: See the conversion table page 21 for the correct size based on the insulated glove. Can be carried either on the head on any kind of helmet.

Connector for cable 8 mm. PEHDthe case is also on its red part, an insulating platform. Multistrand copper earth wire 70 mm2 x 2.


The timed green LED lights up. A circumferential braking system prevents the clamp from turning under the weight of the cable.

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Hinged jaw device installed, from the ground, at a 6 to 8 m height using connectable rods. Ccatalogue and signaling Safety padlocks 46 Padlocks 47 Padlocks and accessories 48 Lockers and lockout indicators 49 Warning signs 50 Signaling and delineators 52 Safety padlocks Choose your locks! Handle of moulded plastic for holding up to six padlocks. Leather belts with cast buckles.

Double crimped lugs at the cable ends.

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Delivered in plastic case. Grilamid frame Delivered in storage bag. Feet with rubber tips.