Introduction. The SAB 80C is the first representative of the Siemens SAB 80C family of full featured single-chip CMOS microcontrollers. It combines high. Infineon C Core bit Microcontrollers – MCU are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Infineon C Core . Competitive prices from the leading C Microcontrollers Microcontrollers – MCU Microcontroller, C Microcontrollers, C, 16bit, 40 MHz, 32 KB, 4 KB .

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This is microxontroller baseline for enabling a transition from an ECU specific software development to an application oriented approach. This is the “real” one with most up-to-date information. When this architecture was introduced the main focus was to replace controllers from Intel.

C166 family

However, by using the programable chip selects, accesses can be redirected to external memory locations. Without taking special steps, a wasted machine cycle would occur during each loop. Flatek is a ISO certified company.

For more information on the housings of these microcontrollers and how to adapt test equipment to these, browser Hitex’ adapter web page at. For more information regarding cookies and the processing of your personal data please read our Privacy Policy.

C166™ C161, C165, C166, C167, C16x Microcontrollers from Infineon

Our business goal is microclntroller creat the best brand with the highest reputation and influence in our field. Please contact PDH-Support infineon.


Deep domain expertise and real-world experience with Industry Standards including: Upgraded Peripheral Event Controller supports efficient and flexible DMA features to support a broad range of fast peripherals.

The following table does only contain devices which are usually available “off-the-shelf” through distribution. For requests please contact trilib-support infineon.

To get the best from a RISC’s registers, the location of data needs careful consideration: Thus the instruction immediately after the branch will be executed, followed by a jump to the target address for the branch.

There are many sources for commercially available products on microcontrlller web. The key features are some only on specific derivatives: You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

The “Context Switch Time” was calculated on the current task that was running, having its context saved and the higher priority users’ task becoming the new running task. The information presented was collected from various sources and is presented “as is”. Label, Ink and Laser Inspection options: Functional test and Final test. The only solution is to either add a NOP or flush the pipeline.

C family – Wikipedia

The third board is optional and designed to integrate specific customer additional functions. We are certified acc. The C1666 layer ensures a standard interface and controls the microcontroller peripherals. The VX-toolset for C provides a significant performance increase with respect to code density and execution speed in comparison to other compiler tool chains.


We focus on the area of real-time systems, low-level programming, and communication buses.

Extremely fast universal 8x pindrive Stand-Alone concurrent multiprogramming system with ISP capabality. Infineon’s recommended oscillator circuit for the 40 MHz version: Additionally, 64KB non segmented address space is available. For more Information on Programming Services please contact your nearest Infineon sales office or contact one of our partners below: It universally supports different types of programming interfaces and silicon architectures.

bit C Microcontroller – Infineon Technologies

Programming Proprietary automated handler, programmers and algorithms, e. You will receive a confirmation E-mail to validate your address in our system. Solution provider for Embedded Security: FlashRunner FR01M01 is targeted at production environments, easily and seamlessly integrates on test fixtures and can work either in full standalone mode microcpntroller controlled by a host system.

There are many devices available and new ones are added regulary. STMicroelectronics offers their manuals in. Smart Systems Intecs Brochure. And other solutions, for example: A common situation in embedded control is searching through a table. They are trained to provide application- microcontorller product-specific support. The 16 registers are then addressed with a 4-bit offset to the CP.