‘Compulsively gripping Tudor murder mysteries As a plot with a clutch of steel pulls you through dramatic twists and turns and vivid, knowledgeable, widely. Revelation: A Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery [C. J. Sansom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery. Revelation is a historical mystery novel by British author C. J. Sansom. It is Sansom’s fifth novel, and the fourth in the Matthew Shardlake Series. Set in .

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I love the way Sansom presents him as a character that the reader can relate to and admire despite his flaws.

As with Dissolution, the other book from this series that I’ve read, the history in this story is much stronger than the mystery. I was still guessing who the killer really was all the way through!

I also found that my brain placed the historical …more I agree with Richard. When the king’s coroner seems to dansom covering up the murder, Shardlake promises Elliard’s widow that he will find the killer, a mission he shares with Archbishop Cranmer, who must keep the investigation a secret from the king.

I like this aspect because it means you can leave a gap between reading the next one. But this time the object of his affections is resisting. But sometimes years pass between each book. The story takes the reader on a lot of twists and turns with dead ends etc. For a further review: This promise launches into a political turmoil between the KIng’s version of Catholicism and the various forms of reform religions. Revelation is no exception. I always learn a lot reading Sansom.


Review: Revelation by CJ Sansom | Books | The Guardian

Shardlake pledges to Dorothy that he will find Roger’s killer and bring him to justice. Nov 20, C. This is the fourth novel in the series featuring lawyer, Matthew Shardlake, and his assistant Jack Barak. Revelation was captivating in its plot, historical detail, and character development.

Even when Barak, in this one, is being abysmal at the job of new husband, these are an interesting, realistic, likeable lot and I was reading for the characters as much as anything.

Open Preview See a Problem? Only today I was reading about a young woman who had used a lip sucking device to create the pout of a celebrity whose name escapes me.

I have always found this a fascinating period of history and C. The “serial killer in Tudor Develation approach was interesting, but ultimately didn’t interest me. Preview — Revelation by C.

Everything is tied up and you get the answers to all the questions raised. In each book, Shardlake solves at least two mysteries, one related to his law practice and one related to the politics of Tudor England. The audiobook is u and I love the narrator.


In his fourth outing, hunchback lawyer Matthew Shardlake is up against a gruesome serial killer intent on bringing forth the prophecies of Revelation through a series of Biblical-inspired killings.

Sansom is an excellent writer, and his book are immensely satisfying. If you like period mysteries, this is a good one.

Shardlake has been dubbed ‘the Tudor Morse’; like Morse, he is solitary, cerebral, occasionally flawed and driven by a belief in an ideal k justice that stands above the petty rivalries of his profession. Why has the sanssom suddenly flipped? Life becomes very The fourth installment in this excellent series and it is easily worth five stars.


Evidence of the author’s feel for place and period led one hopefully to Dark Fire, and in the matter of authentic atmosphere one was not disappointed. If I had one minor complaint about this book it was that the author attributes many protestant beliefs to Martin Luther than he did not hold. Not strictly necessary, but aansom read is richer for taking them in order.

Revelation (Matthew Shardlake, #4) by C.J. Sansom

Sometimes a true friend to his enemies as well. Sansom presents characters representing the diversity of religious though in mid sixteenth century England. In Book 3 of this series, Matthew is invited to a “sugar party”. He has a doctorate in history and a previous career as a lawyer, but wears his considerable expertise lightly. When an old friend is horrifically murdered Shardlake promises his widow, for whom he has long had complicated feelings, to bring the killer to justice. On returning home later one reveelation he discovers a body in the fountain, this is his good friend Roger, and his throat has been cut.

Basically, everyone believes something that is punishable as heresy. He practised for a while in Sussex as a lawyer for the disadvantaged, before quitting in order to work full-time as a writer.