Over recent years, the BS EN Translation Management Standard has provided the translation industry with significant value. Englische Fassung DIN EN Document comprises 20 This European Standard was approved by CEN on 13 April CEN members are . Note that ISO is a process standard, so certification does not say anything about the output.

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BS EN European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers

This section outlines the level of competence required by translators and others working on the project, the need etandard the right technology and communication equipment and the need for a documented quality management system.

It charts the best practice processes involved in providing a translation service through commissioning, translation, review, project management and quality control, to delivery. Exigences requises pour la prestation du service Title in German Uebersetzungs-Dienstleistungen.

This standard was the first European wide initiative.

How to get EN Certified (Business issues)

Translation being an unregulated sector, this new standard is a very useful tool for translation buyers, who need to know which translators and agencies are truly professional. LTC provides high value language technology, translation services and localisation services valued by leading global enterprises. If your processes are compliant with this standard, clients will trust you to deliver a truly professional service.

This section of the standard is divided in three subsections which deal with Project Management, Preparation and Translation. It improves consistency, ensures quality and helps to enforce style guides. If you are taking your marketing message to a global audience, think transcreation, not just a word-for-word translation. Jul 14, Their name often seems to come up.


This article needs additional citations for verification. The award demonstrates excellence in providing quality translation services.

X Sign in to your ProZ. European quality standard EN About LTC LTC provides high value language technology, translation services and localisation services valued by leading global enterprises. A person other than the translator reviews the translation. ISO Jul 14, http: List of EN standards. Retrieved from ” https: It requires regular audits by the certification body, and if any discrepancy is found, the certification shall be revoked.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Nobody is forced to work under this standard. Engage LTC in a consultancy arrangement, and you have access to the collective resources of a global leader in language technology and services.

When it comes to software localization, you need more than simple user-interface translation. Consultancy services from LTC help you streamline ….

BS EN-15038 European Quality Standard

Many sought ISO certification as a demonstration of their commitment to quality management systems. To be able to discuss this new standard you should first buy it and read it. In this way, companies can use the EN standard which looks to be replaced by ISO when the universal standard is published, most probably towards the end of as a benchmark before aiming to provide the maximum level of performance according to their own levels of quality and expertise.

June Replaced By: As this is now the 4th year LTC has been certified for the standard, it shows the continued recognition for reliable delivery of a complete service and a strict approach to quality assurance. The contents of this post will automatically be included in the ticket generated. The faster, easier way to work with standards.


BS EN 15038:2006

Thin end of the wedge Jul 14, philgoddard wrote: Jul 14, Maria S. Another possible reason why Jul 15, Maria S. Conformity assessment and certification based on this standard are envisaged.

As for There is another website http: I don’t know if they ba to be recommended or not, though I did teach one of their French employees English for a while, so I know the company exists!

In addition to complying with one of the above three requirements, reviewers must have translation experience of the subject in question.

That doesn’t make us unprofessional. ISO certification is not necessarily more expensive, nor better quality, but it takes 3x more time. Part of a series on. Translation studies Skopos theory Translation project Translation criticism Dynamic and formal standqrd Contrastive linguistics.

If a TSP offers any added value services, it should make every effort to apply the same level of quality to those services as to the services covered by the standard. LTC addresses client issues in order to expand brands worldwide, accelerate time to market, and increase global revenue. This standard offers both translation service providers and their clients a description and definition of the entire service. Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance.

This standard does not apply to interpreting services. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.