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BS Code of practice for safe use of cranes. Tower cranes. standard by BSI Group, 04/28/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS BRITISH STANDARDCode of practice for safe use of .. BSI •9 BS Complex liftIf the lifting operation is.

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The crane operator should not respond to any command that is not preceded by the given call sign. Having decided upon the type of crane and knowing the overall requirements involved, a crane that can carry out the planned lift safely should be selected. Pay particular attention 7121- the suspension brackets and the jointing plates.

Permit to work An effective permit to work system is intended to ensure that the crane is physically incapable of movement by removal of fuses or by some other means before written authority is given to the person who 712-5 to undertake the work. The assumption that a procedure for a similar looking crane can be safely followed should not be made.

BS 7121-2-5:2012

The vs for slingers might be contained in their job description or similar document as long as there is no confusion about who may do the job. These may be either existing cranes on the site, tower or mobile, or mobile cranes brought onto site specifically for the climbing operation.

It is essential that the appointed person carrying out the risk assessment has sufficient detailed knowledge of the specific crane and specific climbing equipment to be used in order to identify hazards. This may include consultation with other responsible bodies if necessary and ensuring that, where different organizations are involved, they collaborate as necessary.

If clamps are not supplied, adequate means should be adopted to achieve the same result. In hs event that fall arrest equipment is selected a rescue plan is required as detailed above to avoid the consequences of suspension trauma when a person is suspended from a fall arrest harness.


Contact the Information Centre. The primary method of control should be the establishment and enforcement, by the Principal Contractor, of exclusion zones around the base of the crane.

They usually have a radius of approximately 6 m, a rated capacity under 1 kg and are remote controlled. A far less common type of external climbing system has ba crane superstructure located on an inner tower which telescopes from an outer tower.

Buying standardsOrders for all BSI, international and foreign standards publications should be addressed to Customer Services.

BS – Code of practice for safe use of cranes. Tower cranes – BSI British Standards

Fixed radius jibs are usually only available on small tower cranes self-erectors and similarand it is generally desirable to be able to travel the crane in order to move the load. 1721-5 committees work with the manufacturing and service industries, government, businesses and consumers to facilitate the production of British, European and International standards.

All isolators should be capable of being locked in the off position and should be identified with the individual cranes whose power supplies they control. When a tie is installed measures should be taken to ensure that the crane tower remains vertical within the limits set by the manufacturer.

Information on standards BSI provides a wide range of information on national, European bss international standards through its Library and its Technical Help to Exporters Service.

The assistance of the manufacturer or design authority should be sought to determine the vulnerable parts of the structure. Management have the overall responsibility for safety and supervision and it is to management that these codes of practice are primarily directed.

The crane safety devices should not be regarded as routine means of stopping the motion s. Manufacturer’s sales leaflets should not be relied on for the rated capacity for a specific crane. For lifting operations carried out on construction projects, further information on the duties of personnel is given in 4. The duties for a basic lift are considerably fewer and less demanding than for a lift at a hazardous location. A hydraulic cylinder s allows the frame to be raised or lowered and guide wheels or rollers are provided to keep the frame aligned on the tower.


They are also able to provide access to the Permanent Works designer in cases where the building structure is being used to absorb the loads from the tower crane base or ties supporting an external tower crane or the collars of an internal tower crane.

All access ways should be kept clear of obstructions bbs other hazards. All design work should be carried out by a competent engineer. Lanyards should be connected to a suitable anchor point at all times and where lifelines are provided, a suitable device should be used in conjunction with the lanyard to permit full passage along the jib without detachment.

BS 7121-5:2006

The controlled-range feature should also either be checked at the beginning of each shift or whenever there is a change of operator to ensure that it operates within the limits specified. Where it is provided on a remote-controlled crane, the operator should test the controlled-range feature at regular intervals. Tower bz climbing General Tower crane climbing is a specialized technique used in the installation of tower cranes.

Overturning moments are resisted by either placing ballast on the top of the base or fastening the corners of the cruciform to the supporting structure. Care should be taken to ensure that any trailing cable is not damaged during operational movement or when the crane is travelling.

Cranes are work equipment and it is essential that they are not used for the lifting of persons for entertainment purposes, including joyriding, bungee jumping and stunts.

Any user claiming compliance with this British 7121-55 is expected to be able to justify any course of action that deviates from its recommendations.