Scientific Name. Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) Oken. Synonyms. Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb. Cotyledon pinnata Lam. Crassula pinnata L. f. Kalanchoe. Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) Kurz (Crassulaceae) is a perennial herb growing widely and used in folkloric medicine in tropical Africa, tropical America, India. Objectives: To study the effect of Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) leaf extracts viz. petroleum ether, alcohol and water on healing of excision, resutured incision and .

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Sleep Quality Improves During Treatment With Bryophyllum pinnatum

Inhibitors and promoters of stone formation. The testis is highly susceptible to toxicity by chemicals and many medicinal plants have been reported to adversely affect testicular function in animals [ 3435 ].

The method of Amelar et al. It can be concluded that sub-acute administration of the aqueous extract of B. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata Taxonbars with 20—24 taxon IDs. Acknowledgements Authors are thankful to Dr. Several 1 mm incisions were made on it and sperm was gently drawn into a plastic transfer pipette and transferred into 5 ml test tubes and vigorously shaken for homogeneity and dispersal of sperm cells.

Hodgkinson A, Williams A.

Weeds of Australia – Biosecurity Queensland Edition Fact Sheet

Polyphenolic flavonoids as scavenger of aqueous phase radicals as chain breaking antioxidant. Whether a 3-point improvement renders the sleep problems of cancer patients such as those of the present study bearable or whether additional treatments should be followed requires further investigation.


A drop of conc. The fruits are follicles mm which are found in the persistent calyx and corolla. TreatmentwithAlcE and HAlcE elevated the creatinine clearance and urinary magnesium level and reduced the tendency to crystallize. Radical bgyophyllum potential of phenolics from Bryophyllum pinnatum LAM. New insecticidal bufadienolide, Bryophyllin C from Kalanchoe pinnata. World J of Agri Sci. Decreasing the rate of premature delivery with phytotherapy—results from general practice.

Bryophyllum pinnatum

Effects of sub-acute administration of aqueous B. Kurkure, Department of pathology, Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur for providing amenities for histopathological studies. Please review our privacy policy. The standard drug, cystone showed ameliorative effect on serum creatinine, uric acid, urea, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium as compared to the lithiatic control group.

AlcE and HAlcE prevented the renal damages by inhibiting the accumulation and retention of CaOx crystals in renal tubules. Although, folklore claims of many herbal remedies are yet to be authenticated scientifically, B. They generally remain enclosed within the old flower parts and pinnatjm numerous minute, slender, brownish-coloured seeds less than 1 mm long.

Leaves are also used by tribes in Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria[ 20 ] and Mianwali district of Pakistan[ 21 ] in ethnomedicinal practices for treatment of urinary calculi. Oxalate was determined spectrophotometrically. Brjophyllum reasons for study dropout were the following: Evaluation of the chemical composition of two Nigerian medicinal plants.

A review of natural products with antileishmanial activity. Subsequently, the Paris naturalist Christiaan Hendrik Persoon reclassified it in the Kalanchoe calling it Calanchoe pinnatawith an orthographic variant. The urine oxalate levels are relatively more important than those of calcium since it is accepted that hyperoxaluria is a higher risk factor in the formation bryophyyllum renal calculi than hypercalciuria.


The control methods referred to in this fact sheet should be used in accordance with the restrictions federal and state legislation, and local government laws directly or indirectly related to each control method.

Additionally, the results indicated that the plant might not cause anaemia as it did not affect PCV. Kurz Crassulaceae is a perennial herb growing widely and used in folkloric medicine in tropical Africa, tropical America, India, China, and Australia. Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias.

Randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial with Bryophyllum pinnatum versus placebo for the treatment of overactive bladder in postmenopausal women. They have prominent, inflated, yellowish-green or pale green coloured sepals mm long that are partially fused into a tube i.

The effect of extract is in agreement with an earlier study[ 54 ] where the aqueous extract of Bryophyllum pinnatum exhibited inhibitory effect on serum creatinine and urea.

Hawaii’s Most Invasive Horticultural Pinnatym. Retrieved 12 January Previously, the aqueous extract of B. B pinnatum may be a suitable treatment for sleep problems of cancer patients.